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24 People Worker Dormitory

  • Capacity 24
  • Lenght 15.160 m
  • Width 10.240 m
  • Height 2.500 m
  • M2 155 m²
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Economical Accommodation Solutions: 24-Person Blue-Collar Dormitory

Today, for companies operating in construction, mining, agriculture, and similar sectors, worker accommodation is a significant issue. However, our 155 m² dormitory for 24 blue-collar workers offers an economical and practical solution to this problem. With comfortable beds, spacious living areas, and social facilities designed according to needs, it provides your workers with a home comfort accommodation experience. This energy-efficient dormitory reduces your company's long-term costs while increasing your workers' motivation and productivity.

Innovation in Employee Satisfaction: 24-Person Comfortable Worker Dormitory

Your employees' satisfaction is the key to your company's success. Our 24-person worker dormitory offers a comfortable and safe accommodation space for your blue-collar workers, maximizing their satisfaction. Designed with every detail in mind for your workers' needs, this dormitory includes personal lockers, communal areas, and high-standard security measures. Providing an ideal environment for your workers to get a good night's sleep, socialize, and rest, this accommodation solution increases their commitment and productivity at work. This valuable investment for your company revolutionizes workforce productivity by increasing employee satisfaction.

Indispensable for Long-Term Projects: Durable Worker Dormitory

Long-term and intensive projects require special accommodation solutions. Our 155 m², 24-person blue-collar dormitory offers a perfect solution for this need. Built with high-quality materials and designed for long-term use, this dormitory provides maximum durability and flexibility throughout your project's phases. Thanks to its modular structure, it can be easily expanded or moved to a different location at any time. This flexibility ensures that you always have an economical and practical accommodation solution, regardless of your project's size and duration. Ideal for your long-term projects, this dormitory offers a permanent solution to your worker accommodation problem.

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