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210-Person Workers' Dormitory

  • Capacity 210
  • Lenght 44.025 m
  • Width 12.750 m
  • Height 2.500 + 2.500 m
  • m2 1122 m²
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The Solution Partner for Large-Scale Projects: Karmod's 210-Person Worker Dormitory

Karmod's 210-person blue-collar dormitory, spanning an area of 1122 m², offers an ideal accommodation solution for large-scale projects. The design of this dormitory, with its spacious and airy rooms, provides a comfortable living space for your workers, while its modular structure easily adapts to any terrain and project. Karmod produces dormitories resistant to harsh weather conditions and challenging work environments using durable materials and advanced technology. This model also stands out in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability, offering environmentally friendly solutions that reduce long-term costs for businesses. Karmod's high-capacity worker dormitory enhances the efficiency of your projects while maximizing employee satisfaction.

The Address for Comfort and Security: Karmod's 210-Person Worker Dormitory

The 210-person worker dormitory produced by Karmod prioritizes the comfort and security of the workers. The interior design has been planned considering the need for personal space, equipping each bedroom with ergonomic and functional furniture. Security is taken to the highest level throughout the dormitory, with fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, and emergency exits provided as standard. Moreover, Karmod's model is enriched with additional facilities such as social areas, kitchens, and lounges, enabling workers to spend their leisure time efficiently and comfortably. Karmod's dormitory is not just an accommodation space but also a living center that meets the social needs of the workers.

Cost-Effective and Durable Worker Dormitory Solutions with Karmod

Karmod's 210-person worker dormitory offers a cost-effective and durable accommodation solution, making it an ideal choice for companies operating in sectors like construction, mining, and energy. This model's modular structure can be easily assembled and, if necessary, dismantled and relocated to another location, providing maximum flexibility to businesses. Karmod guarantees durability and performance even in long-term use, using high-quality materials and superior production techniques. Additionally, the energy-efficient design of this dormitory significantly reduces energy costs for businesses. Add value to your investment with the Karmod brand and achieve sustainable success in your projects.

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