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20-Person Engineer Dormitory

  • Capacity 387 m²
  • Lenght 37.750 m
  • Width 10.240 m²
  • Height 2.500 m
  • M2 387 m²
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Karmod's Special Design for Engineers: A 387 m² 20-Person White-Collar Accommodation Solution

Karmod offers an innovative lodging solution for the needs of white-collar workers with its 20-person engineer dormitory, spanning an area of 387 m². This model stands out as a living space where engineers can rest after long and arduous working days, rejuvenate, and find maximum comfort and efficiency together. Constructed to high-quality standards, this dormitory focuses on sustainable materials and energy efficiency, which helps businesses reduce operational costs while minimizing their environmental impact. Karmod allows you to make a difference in your projects with this superior quality worker dormitory.

Premium Lodging Experience for Engineers and Managers: Karmod's 20-Person Dormitory

Karmod's 20-person engineer dormitory, covering 387 m², offers a premium lodging experience targeted at the engineer and executive staff. Every detail is designed with a focus on enhancing the comfort and work efficiency of users. Equipped with high-speed internet, ergonomic furniture, and spacious work areas, professionals can continue working on projects even in their downtime, while also enjoying high-quality rest and social areas. Karmod's model serves as a durable, flexible, and modular solution against the challenges of the business world, increasing the loyalty and satisfaction of your engineers and managers by offering them these facilities in your projects.

Setting New Standards in the Industry with Karmod Quality: The 20-Person Engineer Dormitory

Karmod sets new standards in the industry with its 20-person engineer dormitory. Built on a spacious area of 387 m² with a modular and innovative design approach, our dormitory offers an excellent solution for the long-term lodging needs of engineers and white-collar workers. The setup and, if necessary, expansion of this dormitory are easy, making it ideal for dynamic and changing projects. Moreover, the Karmod dormitory efficiently and economically solves one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses: the need for quality lodging. Discover the key to sustainable success in the business world with Karmod quality.

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