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16-Person Engineers' Dormitory

  • Capacity 16 Person
  • Lenght 17.670 m
  • Width 10.240 m
  • Height 2.500 m
  • M2 155 m²
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Exclusive for White-Collar Professionals from Karmod: A 181 m² Dormitory for 16 Engineers

Karmod offers an excellent accommodation solution for the lodging needs of white-collar professionals with its 16-person engineer dormitory, situated on an area of 181 m². This special design aims to deliver comfort and efficiency for engineers, project managers, and other white-collar workers, targeting maximum performance even under challenging working conditions. Equipped with modern living spaces, spacious workrooms, and comfortable relaxation areas, Karmod's model helps professionals maintain their productivity even outside of work hours. Constructed with high-quality standard materials, our dormitory promises durability and longevity. Make a difference in your projects with the Karmod brand and give your white-collar workers the value they deserve.

A Comfortable Lodging Experience for Engineers and Managers: Karmod’s 16-Person Dormitory

Karmod elevates the comfort and satisfaction of white-collar workers to the highest level with its 16-person engineer dormitory. Spread over an area of 181 m², each room's special design ensures that employees can enjoy quality rest after long hours of work. This model is also equipped with functional features like high-speed internet access, modern office furniture, and common areas, allowing workers to continue working on projects even when they are off duty. Karmod’s dormitory serves not just as a lodging unit but also as a center for productivity and motivation. Enhance the loyalty and job satisfaction of your engineers and managers by offering them these facilities in your projects.

Sustainable Success in Long-Term Projects with Karmod Quality

Karmod's 16-person engineer dormitory is a lodging solution that guarantees sustainable success for long-term projects. Prioritizing energy efficiency and environmentally friendly materials in this spacious 181 m² dormitory helps businesses reduce their energy costs while minimizing their environmental impact. Its modular structure, which can be easily expanded or relocated at any time, makes this model especially ideal for dynamic and changing projects. With this high-quality dormitory, Karmod offers cost-effective, long-term, and flexible solutions for your worker accommodation needs. Maximize the satisfaction and productivity of your white-collar workers in your projects with Karmod quality.

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