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Security Huts 260x260 cm

  • Height 2,30 m
  • Depth 2,60 m
  • Width 2,60 m
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Practical and Affordable Portable Shower Blocks

As Karmod, we have assisted in the completion of many projects and operations of all sizes as one of the world's top practical housing solutions providers. We respect quality above everything else at Karmod, therefore we've been exploring the latest technology to include into our practical accommodation solutions with the help of our professional research and innovation staff. Our comprehensive range of high-quality accommodation solutions, from portable shower blocks and dining halls to modular offices and prefabricated residences, are the ultimate embodiment of the mix of creativity and pragmatism. We want to keep the mutual respect and understanding that exists between our customers and us, since we feel it is one of the most essential factors in our success.


Karmod Sanitary Portable Shower Blocks

As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we emphasize on emphatizing with our customers. That is why we design our products in-line with our customers’ needs. We know how hard it can be to manage a project while worrying about essential on-site utilities. Finding these utilities can be quite a trouble as they have a direct effect on the employees. From portable shower blocks and prefabricated WC units to modular offices and security huts, our unique design is implemented in all of our wide array of practical accommodation solutions. All of our portable shower blocks and other on-site utilities are portable, sturdy, customizable, reliable, sustainable and affordable. Meaning, they can be transferred from one place to another with ease and without requiring excessive workforce or heavy machinery, they are designed to operate on any weather condition and endure natural or man-made disasters, they can operate for a lifetime without a worry and hardly every malfunctions of any kind while still having a comparatively lower price tag compared to other portable shower blocks and on-site utilities available on the market today.


Portability is the Key with Karmod Portable Shower Blocks

As the best portable shower blocks provider in the world, we attach great importance to the quality of our products. Karmod provides high-quality portable shower blocks and mobile shower cubicles are perfect for campsites or builders yards for sale throughout the Turkey and around the world. Our Portable Shower Blocks  & Shower Cubicles are designed and manufactured in a professional factory setting and delivered to you via sea or land transportation systems. After the delivery, Karmod Portable Shower Blocks are installed on-site by our professional installation team already present at the location. For more information about our portable shower blocks and other on-site utilities, do not hesitate to contact us!

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