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Tiny House Models and Prices

Forget what you know about Tiny House model. The tiny house trend was revealed as a reaction against the construction that destroys the environment and the problems caused by city life. The main purpose of the Tiny House movement, which is also expressed as minimalism at home, is to acquire small houses that are sufficient for living. The most important goal is to minimize the environmental damage of the construction with these small houses. It is estimated that, Sarah Susanka’s book, ‘The Not So Big House’ facilitated the emergence of Tiny House idea. The basic idea of this book, which was published in 2007, is to have a house that people can use according to their needs instead of huge houses. With Tiny House models, you can have a functional home for your family with less expense and without straining your financial budget. In fact, a small house where you can use every square meter of it gives people more happiness than a huge house where many areas are generally not used. You will feel that you are human in Tiny House, you will strengthen your emotional bonds by being closer to your family. With Tiny Houses, you can feel alive again and be closer to your family more than ever.

What is a Tiny House?

Tiny House, which refers to small houses, is generally a name given to fixed or wheeled houses with the average size of 10 m2 to 30 m2. As we mentioned above, there is currently a trend of small houses with minimal characteristics. The demands of this trend had a great impact on the development of Tiny House models. Along with this trend, the problems caused by urban life also increased the proliferation of small house models. Health concerns and restrictions caused by the corona pandemic accelerated the development of tiny house models as well. The prefabricated building sector, which is the most suitable sector for the production of these minimal structures, has designed many alternatives. Wheelhouses are attracting more attention by people today. The main reason for this is that wheeled models can be placed in various areas until they reach the national parks without requiring a license and legal permit. It raises a relieving hope for the person who desires to get away from traffic, noise and intertwined life in modern cities. People who cannot stay away from the city life due to their work, turn their vacation times and weekends into an important opportunity by choosing wheeled houses. By placing the wheelhouse model in an area where they feel comfortable in ,say, nature, they can get away from the disturbance and the noise of the city whenever they want. For them and their families, they have the opportunity to both do vacation and rest in the silence of nature full of beauties.

With its practical solution provision, Tiny House is most widely used around the globe. Tiny house is becoming preferred more often in popular cities that have natural beauties and climate advantages. Along with Tiny houses across popular cities with natural beauties, it is becoming more and more popular everywhere. Many people are stepping into natural life with the tiny house model throughout Turkey.

Beyond just being a house, the tiny house wheelhouse is also a way of life. It unites the family and provides happiness to people with the full usability of all areas. Cleaning these tiny houses in the style of bungalow house in a special size, is also very easy. This is a separate source of happiness for cleaning enthusiasts. Cleaning is always completed in a short span of time thus there is always more time for rest and activities. Tiny house models, which have recently attracted great attention all over the world, offer small but useful spaces. Wheelhouse models can be prepared according to your taste in different designs and sizes.

Are Tiny Houses Legal?

Tiny House, which is defined as a caravan style vehicle, is subject to the provisions of the Highways Regulation as it is a legal vehicle with license and license plate. Therefore, Tiny House is not defined as a building, but as a vehicle parked where it is placed. For this reason, any building has not been subject to a zoning permit and does not require it. With caravan qualifications, it will be sufficient to obtain a license and plate from the relevant unit of Highways. Tiny House caravan parks your car wherever you want and you can stay as long as you want. We recommend that you take care not to park on private property.

Tiny house manufacturers manufacture houses in different designs suitable for the wheelhouse model and offer them for use. Questions such as 'Is the tiny house legal?', 'Does it require a zoning permit?' are frequently asked. The tiny house, which does not have a fixed design, is not legally subject to a zoning permit. As it is a wheeled vehicle, it is subject to Highway regulations. Tiny house models that comply with highway vehicle rules can be used by parking on the land you own without requiring a zoning permit.

Tiny House Models

Tiny House models, which have become widespread all over the world in a short time, adorn the dreams of those who want to own a small house. Tiny house models with many prominent designs are divided into two categories, with and without wheels, according to the production method. The general design differences are developed over these two models. The displacement feature is very important for the wheeled tiny house models. Axles to which special wheel connections will be made are made with engineering calculations and are subject to license in accordance with the criteria of the General Directorate of Highways. Tiny house models with wheels and their prices may seem high when viewed from afar due to this criterion, but there is nothing to worry about. Because there are companies that develop special wheeled carriers for tiny house models that specialize in licenses. Tiny house models with wheels can be produced at a very cost-efficient pace with these service companies.

How Are Tiny Houses Produced?

With the expertise of Karmod, Tiny House met with weldless technology. Karmod reflects the advantages of the next-generation technology it has developed for Tiny house production. With Karmod's expertise, Tiny House met with weldless technology. Karmod reflects the advantages of the new generation technology it has developed for Tiny house production. Weldless bolt-nut steel system met with expertise in tiny house models. Both the production speed has become practical and models have been developed that will make every budget a home owner in terms of tiny house prices. By preventing corrosion and rusting caused by the welding application, long life was brought together with tiny house models.

Tiny House Prices

Tiny house models without wheels remove all limitations in terms of design freedom. In these models, together with the indoor space, the roof of the building is also included in use with a ladder layout. With the advantage of the roof, the insatiable nature views can be enjoyed from above. In fact, the roof space can be expanded even more by extending the top of the main entrance of the building with a landing like a balcony. Tiny house models with wheels can also be developed according to expectations. Extra wide verandas can be prepared by opening the front wide facade of the building in the accommodation place with hinged or similar folding solutions. The entrance can be made much more ergonomic with the portable ladder system. Moreover, with its folding feature, these applications do not create an obstacle in case of relocation with the vehicle.

In terms of appearance, wood-like coating samples that are compatible with natural life are preferred for tiny house models. Conventional modern coating and paint applications can also be made for awareness where it is placed.

In the prefabricated building sector, very different houses are produced, mostly in the 1+1 tiny house model, which also includes a kitchen and a bathroom-toilet. Tiny house prices vary according to different models and additional hardware preferences. It is very easy to have your dream small house with Tiny house prices specific to your budget by examining innovative models. Wheelhouse prices also vary according to the preferred equipment

Where Can Tiny Houses Be Used?

Houses built with the Tiny House model can be used everywhere. If you wish, you can use it in the safe places or seasides. Tiny House is with you wherever you want to be and special for you. With its building safety, the tiny house can also be used as an earthquake safe house model for our country, which is facing the risk of earthquakes. It plays an important role in protecting health during pandemic periods.

What Should Be Taken Into Consideration While Buying Tiny Houses?

Although Tiny House looks very stylish in terms of design, the appearance should never be deceived. When buying a tiny house, the first thing to consider is insulation, that is, you should question insulation applications. Because the building model is quite new in the world, it is very beautiful in appearance, but there are Tiny house models with other features that you would never want to choose. Beautiful-looking buildings without insulation will spoil your mood with their environments where you can't get in from the heat in summer and you will freeze from the cold in winter.

Was the electrical installation applied on the basis of a project specific to the building or was it on the initiative of the master? A building-specific project gains importance in terms of fire safety. Since the wiring channels are passed through the walls and roof sections, you can understand this situation by questioning, not by looking. Likewise, are the sanitary and waste water installations implemented according to the project? Have leak tests been done? Does the building system have an unsafe production from steel or box profile? Which materials are preferred in wall and roof invisible insulation applications? What is the quality criterion in general material preferences? Whether the company stands behind the product with its competence and after-sales service. It is very important to pay attention to these issues when buying a tiny house, in terms of having a comfortable house.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying a Tiny House?

Tiny House is the name of living freely in the places you want without being tied to a fixed place with a minimal life approach. You can get away from the unsolved problems of the city such as noise, traffic, air pollution, living together and immerse yourself in nature by buying a tiny house. When you want to travel and experience the unique beauties of the world with new space experiences, tiny house advantages are with you. You can step into a free life with very affordable tiny house prices with very little of the budget you will allocate for classic concrete stack houses.

How are Tiny Houses Designed Before the Production?

Karmod Tiny House models, designed using special software design programs, reflect innovative styles. Specially designed new models are subjected to static calculations of building safety in the computer environment at the design stage. After the tests of the tiny house model, whose design and construction safety have been completed, the production process begins. Production is carried out in Karmod's modern facilities with new technology machines without the use of welding. Steel sheet metals of special thickness are used for static calculations in the main carriers in building safety. The bending, cutting and bolt holes of steel metals are carried out in millimeters on the machine line without human touch. Karmod tiny house models are almost braided from ceiling to wall, from wall to roof with these steel frames. Afterwards, special project electrical and water installations, interior and exterior wall coverings, roof coverings are carried out. Installation of windows and special grilles is done during wall installation. Finally, the production is completed with the assembly of the toilet and shower units and the assembly of the interior and main entrance door. The tiny house model, which is connected to the licensed chassis, is delivered ready for shipment and therefore use.

The Easiest Way to Be a Homeowner, Tiny Houses

It is very easy to own a house with the Tiny House model, which is produced with modern innovative designs. The 2008 economic crisis, especially in the United States, led people to seek alternative homes. A large number of people became practical home owners in this period, in functional use with economical budgets, with the attractiveness of Tiny House prices. Because it offers great convenience to those who want to own a house in their own land or garden in nature with mobile home prices.

Tiny House Eco-Friendly House Model

Tiny House needs very few building materials with its minimized modular house model. Tiny house manufacturers especially prefer recyclable materials in the material selection of the house in order to protect the natural environment.

Tiny House Protects Your Health

Tiny House will take you away from the suffocating environment of city life and relieve you from stress. It will help you clear your head with its serenity and comfort that it provides. It will help you live a stress-free life in nature. You can safely protect the health of yourself and your family without depending on the restrictions during periods of pandemic.

Tiny House Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get a Tiny House Permit?

First of all, Tiny Houses are not treated as a building, so a building zoning permit is not required. Tiny house is included in the definition of trailer according to the Traffic Laws across the globe.

What Kind of Terrain Should the Tiny Houses Placed On?

It will be sufficient if the land on which Tiny House will be placed is located on a hard smooth ground. Tiny house models with wheels can be parked on a smooth surface like normal vehicles. Considering the comfort of use, a flat and hard semi is always recommended. In use without wheels, it is necessary to place the structure on a smooth surface. An extra platform is suggested where it will be placed with engineering support in rough terrains.

Can Tiny Houses Be Used in Every Season?

All of the Karmod Tiny House models are produced with the steel carcass system and special insulation applications are carried out between the carcasses. The same insulation is applied in the roof system. Therefore, Karmod Tiny House is used comfortably in summer and winter. It maintains a cool environment in summers and warm in winters. It saves budgets by reducing expenses with minimum energy consumption in air conditioning devices.

Are Tiny Houses Resistant to Earthquakes?

Since the static calculations of all Karmod Tiny House models are performed with a special software computer program, they have full earthquake safety. It fully embodies the advantages of the steel structure system in terms of building safety. Earthquake safety is a lot higher compared to conventional reinforced concrete buildings.

What Kind of Vehicles are Needed for Tiny Houses?

When choosing Tiny House models, we recommend that you examine the models suitable for your vehicle. However, Tiny House models are generally designed for vehicles with a towing capacity of 3 to 3.5 tons. Considering all kinds of terrain conditions such as steep slopes, we recommend that 4x4 vehicles be preferred. Off-road vehicles will help you easily transfer your tiny house on long or difficult roads.

Does Tiny House Have a Warranty?

Karmod Tiny House is under the guarantee of our brand and is sold under a one-year company warranty. For the following years, Karmod also offers paid after-sales services.

How Much Does a Tiny House Weight?

The weight of Karmod Tiny House varies according to the models, and the weight is around 4000 kg in the standard model without wheels and chassis. We recommend that you get information from our sales offices for weights according to models.

How Do Tiny Houses Heat?

The easiest ways of heating in Tiny House are realized with the use of electricity and wind powers. Solar panels and wind energy unit can be easily integrated into the structure. With the use of energy produced from alternative sources, the air conditioner in the building can be easily activated. Radiator or fan-like electric heaters can also be chosen. Energy can also be obtained from existing sources in places of use such as National Parks. With its high insulation, Karmod Tiny House does not need air conditioning.

How Does the Tiny House Plumbing System Work?

All Karmod Tiny House models have special sanitary and waste water installation projects. Application installations are carried out under the quality control system in modern facilities within the scope of this project. The factory is subjected to quality approval by performing sealing tests before shipment. Waste and clean water mains connection pipes are removed behind the building. In places where there is a main network, it can be connected to the central network. In areas where central networks are not available, a clean water tank can be integrated into the structure. The use of cesspool storage tanks are recommended for waste installation.

Can Tiny Houses Be Customized?

It is possible to reflect your expectations to the Tiny House model, which includes many distinguished designs. It is possible to make changes in the outer coating and interior applications by adhering to the general building safety standard.

Is There a Tax For Tiny House?

Since the structures produced with the Tiny House system do not have a tractor engine, they are not included in the scope of motor vehicles. Therefore, there is no tax paid in certain periods. However, if you have a Tiny House that is constantly cruising on the highways, routine inspections should be made as in the carrier vehicle. If the Tiny House will be used in the same place for a long time in a fixed manner, you can remove the license plate from the traffic through a notary public. With this method, you can avoid inspection costs.

How is Tiny House Maintenance Done?

Since Tiny House maintenance is the same as standard buildings, it does not need extra maintenance. Just like in ordinary houses, having paint-like maintenance done in accordance with wearing in certain time periods will increase the life span of the tiny houses. Door and window settings, faucet and battery replacement times can be adjusted in accordance with their wearing frequency, just like an ordinary home. With its small house concept, tiny house provides convenience to cleaning enthusiasts. In a short time, the entire structure can be easily cleaned from top to bottom and a healthy environment can be prepared.