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When most people hear “social housing” for the first time, they think about houses that are built for people with low income. This is because the term  "Social Housing" has a negative connotation in people’s mind. Considering public housing projects, they are often seen as a project that wants to build a large number of units with cheap materials and minimal concern for the quality of life of its residents. Most of the time, unlike a project that serves the city and its people, public housing projects are designed for monetary reasons. The direct lexical meaning of social housing is; “Houses and flats that are built by local government or by any other organizations that is non-profit making, and that are rented or sold to people who have low incomes.” However, when we hear about the concept of public housing, we think of structures that satisfy the condition of being just a shelter and where the minimum level is sufficient in terms of the constructed buildings. It is not right to reduce the meaning of the social housing to the lexical definition level. Social housing affects many factors. From long-term urban planning to the social and cultural structure of the region where public housing projects are being made. The concept of social housing should be addressed by considering a holistic process, including urban planning, and taking into account its contribution to the social group it will serve.

Housing is primarily the most basic physical space where people are in a relationship with life. This is so regardless of whether they are called "social" or not. While public housing is being planned, not only the need for shelter should be considered, but also factors that directly affect human life such as the culture of the targeted social crowd of people, social relationships, and life habits should be taken into account too. At the same time, considering the environment of the houses to be built, their compatibility with the targeted social crowd of people in many issues should be taken into consideration while building social housing too. One of the factors that make up a healthy society is neighbourhood relations, which are not really taken into account in the age we live in today. Social Housing does not always have to be built as buildings that are consisting of apartment sites. It can be made as a single storey building in a region within the scope of a governmental institution or housing help, as settlements that are not very close to each other. In accordance with public housing projects, reinforced concrete houses or prefabricated, container houses can be built in a shorter time with an easier and more cost-effective way. With their production quality, fast production technology, especially fast and easy transportation, Karmod ready houses have the feature of being installed in a very short time in the region where they will be used. As Karmod, we have contributed to public housing activities in Bayburt province, different villages of Giresun Alucra and across Africa.

What is Social Housing?

The interest in social housing has grown tremendously over the years. With this immense growth, the meaning of the term ‘social housing’ had different meanings, most of which were incorrect. We can say that social housing is a dense settlement place which offers economic solutions and focuses on fixed income groups, middle income groups or low income groups. Generally, there is no or very little profit expectation at public housing projects. This kind of projects use opportunities of the state or charity organizations such as foundations and associations. States generally build these housings for its fixed income, middle income or low income citizens. Most of these housing units have a designs that are generally not very pleasing both in terms of looks and usefulness. As a matter of fact, they may not be very useful all the time. A regulator of public housing thinks costs and practicality most of the time. It is a fact that in an average country, majority of the population consists of fixed, middle and low-income citizens. Because of this, such projects should be given importance. More useful, practical, affordable and higher quality houses should be designed and built. One of the best ways to produce or build more useful, modern, affordable and higher quality houses is to use modular production systems. They provide fast delivery and affordable prices. In addition to that, the buildings produced with this method can be more environmentally friendly in a lot of ways.

How to Apply for Social Housing?

Because of the rapid growth of public housing has been in notice for a long time, the demand also raised exponentially. To apply for public housing, you should get information from your local authorities. You can gain information about the process, prices and more from the authorities of where you want to live. The conditions of each country or region may differ. You may also be able to access information about how to apply for social housing from the official websites and other internet sources.

Benefits of Social Housing

There are many benefits of public housing projects today. Not only they provide a suitable living space for people with different income rates, but also they provide a community to the people. Because they are practical and affordable, they are also easy to realize. Many countries start public housing projects to reduce the rising demand for more housing needs. However, these days, many social housing projects have the initial aim of just being as practical and affordable as possible which creates and unpleasantness among residents as these kind of accommodation units tend to be less reliable and comfortable. As the leading company in the making of container homeslow cost housing units and different multi-purpose kiosk, we offer the most practical and affordable social housing units available in the market today. We, as Karmod, believe that public housing should not be limited to being practical and affordable. They also should be a great home for people who live in them. They should be modern and durable as well. Without sacrificing the initial aim of practicality and affordability, we can provide you with the best modern and high quality social housing units that are not only pleasant looking, but also very reliable and sustainable. All of our social housing units are practical, affordable, durable, sustainable and customizable. Meaning, they are able to occupy many harsh terrain and withstand damaging weather conditions, they can be customized in terms of magnitude, exterior and interior and they mostly do not require any consistent care to operate as they hardly malfunction which allows them to be used for a lifetime while still being very cost-efficient compared to other public housing projects that are done by others in the market.

Quick Social Housing Solutions

As Karmod, we provide the fastest social housing solutions for your needs. Depending on the magnitude and other occasional factors, the time required to fully complete a project may vary. However, we can with certainty that it is for sure less than the average built time of traditional buildings and other public housing products available in the market. Karmod public housing units are made with sturdiest and most high-quality materials. They are designed by our professional design team. Our research and development team also implements all of the new technologies that this era has to offer into our public housing units to improve and modernize the overall quality of them. All of our products are produced in a professional factory environment involving experienced engineer and design team. After that, our products are sent to the desired location in a packed way with a quick manner. With our professional installation team already present at the location, the installation phase begins. Karmod products are known for their non-pollutant materials as well as peaceful installation phase.

They do not cause any kind of disturbance around the site as well as the environment itself. They also mostly do not require any kind of power tools or heavy equipment to be installed as they are very practical.After the installation process, the public housing project is completed. We know how important it is to maintain a project of any size, that is why we design our products to be as affordable and practical as possible while still maintaining the quality. Karmod public housing units are the most cost-efficient and high-quality accommodation solutions you can find in the market. Especially to build a community and a modern society, Karmod public housing solutions are a must-have. As Karmod, we value the respect we have between our customers and want to maintain this respect and valuable relationship, we provide the best modular and prefabricated structures available today. To conclude, the time required to complete a public housing project may vary depending on the magnitude of the project and the units but they, for sure, take much less time to be completed compared to other public housing projects available in the market and of course, traditionally made buildings. For more information about the process of social housing projects, please contact us.