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Modern Container Homes 300x400

  • Height 2,75 m
  • Depth 3 m
  • Width 4 m
  • M2 12 m²
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Security Guard House & Prefabricated Guard Houses

Prefabricated guardhouses are modular products often used in airports, utilities facilities, and larger industrial complexes such as refineries. In addition to the standard limited access control points, its use in smaller facilities is becoming increasingly common. Prefab security buildings can be customized to your facility's requirements. Keeping your security guards comfortable and safe is our top priority and various security features are provided for this. Although some products have ballistic options developed for high-risk environments, we recommend that you choose the option that suits your security needs. In some industries, security guard houses are also called by different names. Whatever the definition, the factory-assembled, portable steel building security shelter offers a ready-made solution to all your problems. Prefabricated guard houses or Security guard house produced by Karmod Various designs and sizes available for your selection to your requirements.


Increased Durability and Security with Karmod Prefabricated Guard Houses

We offer security guard house designs suitable for almost any application. We believe in working together and are ready to work with you to meet your facility's specific needs. In fact, the simplest way to start a productive dialogue is to tell us about your needs. We are ready to help you with our security guard house designs. Prefabricated guard houses have different features depending on your location. You can equip it with the display system you want and customize its content for your staff when necessary. Safety is our number one priority, but it's also one of our goals to make sure your employees can do their jobs comfortably. Thanks to our experience in prefabricated buildings, we offer a long-lasting and comfortable accommodation experience. Security guard houses can be easily moved to the desired location. When you want to move your facility or change the location of your security cabins, you can easily move it to wherever you want. When you want to make any changes in its content, you can easily change it thanks to its flexible feature.


Prefab Security Guard Houses for Maximum Security

As Karmod, we believe that one of the main factors of our success is the mutual respect between us and our customers and the continuous improvement and application of modern technologies in all our services and products. As Karmod, we take all humanitarian and professional precautions into account. We take precautions before starting our operations in order to minimize the disturbance that we may create in our environment and increase our efficiency by making our safety a priority target.

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