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Portable Shower 135x260 cm

  • Height 2,30 m
  • Depth 1,35 m
  • Width 2,60 m
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Security Booth With WC - Guard Hut with Toilets

Karmod security booth, guard booth, security booth, parking lot, ticket booth, ticket booth and transit shelter are prefabricated units that can be used in all prefabricated fiberglass buildings and prefabricated guard booths. Security booths can be produced in different quality and features. It can be customized according to the needs of your facility and according to your style. The security need of your facility may be different from other facilities and this situation changes the features of the security booth you want to have. For example, if you need security units with high security needs such as military facilities, as Karmod, we deliver the product that suits your needs. Security booths are state-of-the-art quality products. All the needs of the staff are taken into account. In some facilities, it may be necessary for the personnel to spend a long time in the security booth. Considering such situations, we build security booths together with the toilet unit. Security booth with WC is an extremely high quality and useful product. As Karmod, we are committed to quality and excellence, we use only the highest quality materials in construction. Guard Hut with toilets, Security Booth With WC, Guard House With Restroom, Prefab Guard House Designs With Restroom, GRP Kiosks & Prefab Security Booths.

An İnnovative Approach to Your Security Needs: Security Booth With WC

Designed and manufactured for strength and durability, Karmod security booths series provides almost unlimited design freedom for security booths. A well-managed facility can only survive when all personnel and equipment are at their best. By offering easy-to-install safety cabinets, isolated workers and equipment can perform their duties in a safe, comfortable and functional environment. The comfort of the personnel is at least as important as the safety of the facility. As Karmod, we design our products by considering all the needs of the personnel working in your facility.

Karmod Guard Hut with Toilets

It has been designed since 1986 to provide modern, innovative, cost effective and high quality portable safety cabinet systems and designs. Karmod security booth range provides efficient, durable and visually appealing fences for various kiosk applications. Karmod security cabins are all prefabricated security cabins. Our customers include governments, industry, airports, nuclear power plants and military installations nationwide and worldwide. We understand your needs and work with you every step of the way, from design to delivery. Work with us and let's build the future together.

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