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Karmod light steel prefabricated houses which are an important alternative to traditional residential building system in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh and Jeddah have become the center of attention with its easy transportation, fast installation and economical prices. 

Karmod Prefabrik participated in the 1st Housing Technology Conference held in the capital Riyadh under the auspices of Saudi Arabia's Minister of Reconstruction Majid bin Abdullah Hugail.

Karmod, had the opportunity to present realized prefabricated houses by means of a video presentation and inform the visitors about the houses on the booth that was opened during the conference.

Karmod light steel houses, which are an important alternative to the traditional residential building system, are the focus of attention with the advantage of easy transport and rapid installation of dismantling features. Visitors have emphasized that the perfection of a house of 100 square meters in a short time of 3-4 days is an excellent feature.

Karmod General Manager Hakan Durmaz stated that the light steel prefabricated houses they have manufactured in Saudi Arabia will be an important solution for the social housing of Saudi Arabia. "As far as I know, Saudi Arabia has 2 million social housing openings. We can close this gap in a very short time with a large number of single-story and two-storey, rapid-build housing models. Our extremely beautiful homes can be seen closely in our encyclopaedia located in the Kasım region. "

Installed in few days and can be moved if desired

Karmod modular houses are easily shipped to the installation site with their demounting features, walls, roof system, doors and windows, electric - water installations and armatures. Depending on the size of the house, it can be established in 3 to 10 days. Screwed and plugged Karmod houses can be removed and moved to other places and re-installed.