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Our new generation container is a permanent solution for refugee housing

The new generation of container technology offers solutions for the housing problem of refugees through permanent accommodation spaces. The new-generation container has significant advantages in resolving the problems of refugee housing after the humanitarian crisis caused by the war. Karmod container living units have important functions in the closure of the residences that emerged after natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and fires, along with the refugees.

In the recent refugee drama of the Syrian war, the Karmod structures provided rapid homes for refugees in Turkey, especially in Lebanon, Germany and Syria, for the solution of the problem of housing.

In natural disasters such as the 2013 Pakistan flood disaster, the 2011 Turkey Van earthquake or the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the refugee container became an important accommodation solution.

The most important advantage offered by the new generation of Karmod is its ergonomics and the quality of the structure, which makes the comfort of the residents at home.

Good air conditioning facilitates heating and cooling. The sandwich panel system used for the wall and the roof offers maximum insulation. The windows are prepared with double an insulated system.

Specially designed for family use it has a maximum width inner space. There are separate rooms, wc, bathroom and kitchen in one unit.

Since 1986, Karmod has been producing with their expertise in the building sector comfortable and peaceful living spaces for the refugees who have to leave their countries. The most important goal of Karmod's refugee structures is to offer a structure that will not feel uncomfortable for the refugees in a difficult situation. The best way to do this is to produce it in a very short time with technological production and deliver it ready to use in a very short time.