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Prefabricated School 508 m²

  • Height 5,2 m
  • Depth 17,77 m
  • Width 18,30 m
  • M2 508 m²
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Prefabricated School Buildings for Education

Karmod offers both temporary and permanent solutions for school buildings. With our modular buildings, we produce permanent, temporary, environmentally friendly, durable and robust prefabricated school buildings that meet the changing needs of the education sector of the future. Karmod prefabricated school buildings are the ideal solution for modern and durable education buildings. Whether it is a public school or a private school, modular school buildings are more advantageous than school buildings built using traditional methods. Modular education buildings have all the units and features that a standard school would need. In this respect, it is no different from traditional school buildings. However, prefabricated school buildings are much more economical and environmentally friendly than reinforced concrete structures. They are produced in a short time and are very easy to assemble, thanks to their production in factory conditions. In temporary uses, it can be moved from the factory to the area where it will be built, as well as to other regions.

Quick and Efficient Karmod Prefab Schools

Modular school buildings have many advantages compared to traditional buildings. Its rapid production and low cost respond to urgent needs. Schools are needed for temporary use during disaster periods and in refugee camps. Prefabricated schools can be produced quickly and are quick to set up. In this way, when an urgent school building is needed, modular construction technology successfully responds to this need. In addition, it is very difficult to construct buildings with traditional methods in disaster areas. Modular structures, on the other hand, can be easily built in the desired region. Prefabricated school buildings are supplied quickly and are delivered ready for use. Karmod offers quality prefabricated school buildings to support all levels of education and student needs from classrooms to whole prefab schools.

Temporary and Permanent School Buildings

Prefabricated schools are designed with the comfort of the student in mind. It is more useful in terms of design than schools built with traditional methods. While most schools use prefabricated school projects as a temporary solution, there are also projects where they are used as permanent solutions. Prefabricated schools are also preferred when the existing school building is unusable. It is very difficult to continue education when a traditional school building is being renovated or additions are made to the existing building. However, since prefabricated buildings are flexible, changes can be made in their architecture and design. One of the most important reasons why prefabricated buildings are preferred is the short installation time.

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