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Floor Plans For Prefabricated Office Buildings

Our modular prefabricated office buildings offer you the ideal solution for your temporary or permanent space needs. Thanks to the flexible modular office design, different types of cubicles can be combined into functional space solutions. Numerous equipment options allow the office building to be adapted to your requirements. Furthermore, they can be extended and adapted at any time.

Karmod Prefab Modular Buildings. has been building high-quality portable and modular prefab buildings since 1986, and we’re proud to offer a variety of modular office building floor plans and layouts to meet various customer requirements. Karmod Prefabricated Office Systems carries a wide range of floor plans, meaning you can find the building that best fits your business. Our buildings are built heavy-duty with a quality that can rival site-built facilities. Karmod prefab Office Systems’ staff of professional space planners and designers are experts in providing accurate scaled drawings and renderings for you to create your desired custom building.

We offer over 12 modular prefabricated office plans in 8-, 10- and 12-foot widths, all of which are ideal for portable, temporary and local offices. Our modular prefabricated office plans can accommodate 3 to 6 private offices, as well as washrooms, kitchens and open work areas. We also offer prefabricated floor plans for classrooms, showers and locker rooms, as well as a variety of large multi-purpose structures.

Modular Building Floor Plans for Offices, Churches, Classrooms

The modular prefabricated office building floor plans shown on this page are just a sample of the standard floor plan designs offered by Karmod for small to large relocatable prefabricated office buildings. If you don't see what you're looking for, we can help you develop a space-specific floor plan for prefabricated office buildings that meets your exact requirements, either by modifying one of the standard modular office building floor plans or by developing a completely custom layout to meet your specific needs.

Externally, there is little to distinguish modular buildings from traditional structures built from scratch. This applies to any type of prefabricated building, from classrooms and community centers to warehouse offices and medical clinics.

However, from the inside, these building types can vary considerably, although most of the variations are imperceptible to the naked eye. For example, because modular buildings are built using prefabricated structures under controlled conditions, the quality of these structures is very high; they are not subject to the small variations in quality caused by weather conditions during the construction of conventional structures - which can eventually lead to additional maintenance and labor requirements, increasing overall costs.

Modular Prefab Office Floor Plans

One of the most important differences between traditional and modular structures is their layout. it's going to seem counterintuitive, but the ground plans of modular structures leave a better degree of customization than standard structures.

Traditional developers - whether residential, commercial structures, small offices or large office complexes - usually have only a limited number of floor plans to choose from. As a result, it is common for 100-unit apartment buildings to have two or three different floor plans, or for lots to have identical office parks; or, in many strip malls, shops will often have identical commercial building floor plans.

Prefab floor plans from Karmod. solve all of these issues. Though we offer a range of building modules are that already designed, they are very easy to customize depending on your project’s specific requirements; in fact, many of the structures we manufacture and deliver are completely unique to the client’s needs. Different individual modules can also be placed within a larger building plan to suit application needs, allowing for greater customization of floor plans for modular structures and building complexes.

Prefab modular commercial office buildings

We realize that no two projects are ever the same, so our talented team of design engineers is always at the ready, ensuring that your specific needs and specifications are met. Working closely with your team throughout every step of the process, our expert engineers will design a custom modular structure that meets all of your preferences and requirements, no matter how unusual or complex.

To find out more about the modular prefabricated building floor plans available from Commercial Structures, take a look at some of our sample plans or contact the team today to discuss your unique requirements. Need an instant quote on a modular office building floor plan for additional office or campus space? We now offer fast response pricing for our modular office building plans. Browse our extensive list of modular office building floor plans, select your level of fit-out and we'll do the rest quickly. Our modular building catalog includes modular prefabricated office building plans for classrooms, commercial offices, daycare centers and healthcare buildings.

Once you've found the right modular building floor plan for you, simply click Contact Us, provide us with the floor plan and Standard, Commercial or Custom series and we'll do the rest. Please find a few downloadable examples below: