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The fastest solution for the closure of Iraq's need for residential premises is prefabricated housing

The most rapid solution to the problem of Iraq's housing, which has been a major housing dispute after long-term instability, is the prefabricated housing.

With a population of over 33 million people, there is a significant housing opening of 1 million. Former Oil Minister Thamer Ghabban stresses that the most important need in Iraq is housing and energy, which will reach 55 million people by 2030.

The most important problem that needs to be solved in the short term is the 1 million housing dispute. Karmod General Manager Hakan Durmaz, emphasized that Karmod is ready to offer permanent and quick solution for the housing issue. Durmaz stated that ready-made houses that are produced in Turkey will also have an important advantage in terms of shipment. Durmaz emphasized that they completed 1884 dwellings in the cities of Baghdad and Kut in 2013, in a short period of 7 months.

Karmod General Manager Hakan Durmaz also said that "Prefabricated houses are ready to be installed in a very short time with modern production technology. Our dwellings, which are easily transported to the desired region with international transportation standards, are being delivered in a short time on site ready for use. "

"Our houses have a wall thickness of 10 cm on the outer wall, 6 cm on the inner wall, pvc double heat glass windows and a higher insulation than the classical houses.”