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Turkey's and the world's brand and manufacturer of modular cabins KARMOD, started production of its new product panel cabinet. In order to ensure security in front of villas, apartments, sites, factories, panel cabinets used as security, guard cabin are more economical and quality. For this reason, our customers prefer affordable panel cabinets. Panel cabin that we produce with our professional team with conveyor system in our production facility is produced from sandwich panel material with special leakproof roof, with 40 mm EPS wall panels around electrostatic painted, galvanized metal carcass structure. In our 20.000 m2 production facilities, panel cabinets are delivered to you right on time by designing them by our sales specialist employees in our company according to the demands of our customers.

Our panel cabinets that we produce have many advantages. With its modular structure, high heat and sound insulation is provided with the feature of double-sided electrostatic painted, galvanized or galvanized exterior, sandwich panels made between PVC and paneling, high density, EPS insulated foam materials. Panel cabinet is an environmentally friendly product, because it does not use materials that harm human health. With its special and aesthetic design and our unique color, it offers an environment-friendly and safe usage area. Because it is portable, it can also be carried mobile. In this way, it provides long-term use anywhere.

Because it is electrostatic oven painted, it does not rot and does not hold dirt. Dust on it is easy to clean. Due to the materials we use, we recommend our environmentally friendly panel cabinets. Transportation in Istanbul is paid by our company. The panel cabinets we manufacture have more features than other panel cabinets in the market and our panel cabinets are much more economical in terms of price.