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Karmod's new generation container is used for solar energy storage in Nigeria

The new container generation from Karmod is now responsible for solar energy storage in Nigeria. In the solar energy storage plant of the country's central power company in Lagos, solar collectors were installed on the new generation of the Karmod container and began to store energy.

The energy collected by the sun collectors on the container is stored in special batteries which are installed in the device and is transferred to the central distribution network.

The new generation Karmod container with superior features has been specially equipped with the technical requirements of the Lagos Energy Distribution Company. The units prepared as a disassembled container were transported to Nigeria by sea transport. Screwed and Snap-On units were delivered to the company and installed on site. Within the scope of the project 72 units of the size 230x595 cm were produced and installed.

As Karmod, we were pleased that our products were preferred in a "Green Energy" oriented project. Our new generation container can be shipped with full demounting as a bulk charge of 300x700 to 300x1200 cm along with standard deposit of 230x595 cm. Depending on the similarities, the containers offer an interior area of 14 to 22 square meters.

Our containers have many alternative uses in the field and are used as construction sites for workers on construction sites, airports, road construction projects, mining, oil and natural gas. The containers are also used as offices, hospitals, schools along with emergency accommodation and mass accommodation.