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Mobile medical system is an integral component of the healthcare system that delivers healthcare to flows of population that are hard to access by the conventional system, improving access and supporting disease management. Depending on the region and purpose to be used in these systems, prefabricated structures, container structures or based on truck structures can be preferred. Containers are among the most preferred structures because they can be used for either long term or temporary service, also they can be preferred in based on truck structures. While you can use mobile medical containers for a single clinical service such as emergency care unit, intensive care unit, family health services, you can use them in the construction of a permanent hospital with multiple container structures and many departments. When you choose these mobile medical containers for temporary service, you can remove them without any damage to the environment at the end of the service without cost, as much as the cost of removing a permanent structure, and move them to another place in a short time without any problems. You can use mobile medical containers in many areas as mobile health services with the based on truck structures.

Hygienic, Safe and Durable

Mobile medical containers are one of the best choices for rural areas where health care is difficult to reach, places to provide temporary health services, war zones, and natural disasters. They can be produced in a short time after the demand, and can be easily moved to the required area. Mobile medical containers, which provide trouble free use in all climatic conditions and geographical areas, are produced from durable and long-lasting material. They are safe for the protection of high-cost medical equipment and materials and they are suitable for all weather conditions. Interior and exterior designs of mobile medical containers can be developed according to need. With high insulated aluminum panel walls and ceiling, antibacterial PVC floor/walls and ceiling, there is no diversity between mobile medical containers and permanent medical services. Mobile medical containers provide a systematic and hygienic working environment to healthcare personnel in areas where it is difficult to reach the hospital or in areas where there are many patients and injuries in risky areas such as war, natural disaster.

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