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What is Mobile Hospital?

Mobile solutions provide convenience in many areas from health to construction, from entertainment to daily life. Mobile hospital, which is one of these solutions, is a produced hospital that are able to provide temporary or permanent services in areas where access to healthcare is difficult or where a permanent health facility is not available (like warzones, earthquake zones) or where quick health solutions are required (like refugee camps). Base platform of a mobile hospital can be a back box of a truck, the box of a trailer or they can be as prefabricated/container structures. With its easy installation, production in a short time and being portable, mobile hospital provides health services to injured and sick people in many regions. Mobil general hospital that can be produced in different structures such as prefabricated and container can be designed and manufactured in such a way that all medical equipment can be used. For example, surgery rooms are one of the most needed mobile hospital units in critical points. In this regard, mobile surgical hospital offers healthy and reliable surgeries with its sterile environment and need-based design.

Unit That Enables Everyone To Have Access Healthcare: Mobile Health Unit

Around the world, so many patients suffer from limited access and other socioeconomic obstacles to healthcare services. Mobile health unit is changing that, they provide patient access to healtcare by coming over a neighborhood of patient. Mobile health unit can render all services that are provided by permanent health units such as first aid, operating theater, different clinics, laboratory and etc. In case of emergency such as natural disasters or wars, regardless of geographical or climatic conditions, mobile health unit provides the solutions that meets medical requirements fast and quickly. Mobile health unit which has manufactured and mounted on trailers or a place as a prefab/container structure can be moved by trucks quickly. They can be in expandable structures according to needs or standard shapes. Displacement times of mobile health unit are very short.

Mobil health unit project is an strategy that can be used with the intention of providing health services to population groups which have no access to a health-care system. Also usage of this mobile health unit provides convenience in short transition periods, pending the reopening of permanent health facilities.

Mobile Field Hospital Disburden Human Suffering At The Right Time And The Right Place

Mobile field hospital is a mobile healt unit that is combined to form a larger hospital service area that can provide on site medical treatment during in difficult situations where access to healthcare is not possible. A mobile field hospital is a modular structure that can be combined in various configurations depending on the requirements.

In critical conditions or war, mostly connected unit is needed to provide different and various services. Mobile field hospital can be combination of two or more transportable units. In that conditions before the injured or sick people can be snugly moved to permanent medical services, a mobile field hospital can take care of people who need emergency services on site. Although it is mostly known that mobile field hospital is used as temporary military hospitals but also in times of disaster, a mobile field hospital can help too.

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