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The most important factor for human life is health. Access to healthcare must be easy and accessible for every human. However, unfortunately, not everyone in the world is able to access to healthcare services equally. This situation causes tens of thousands of people who will get health soon if they reach the treatment have permanent obstacles or lose their lives. Many charities, associations, foundations or government agencies that provide healthcare assistance find different solutions in this regard. One of these solutions is mobile concepts. Mobile healthcare facilities enable people to get healthcare easily in places where it is difficult to access health services or where there is no permanent health facility. Mobile healthcare facilities which are able to offer a practical, durable, and a clean mobile healthcare solution are also more economic than permanent health facilities. In addition to this, their installation is very easy and takes place in a short time. It is possible to reach every region that health service does not reach with these mobile healthcare facilities.

Sterile environments can be created in mobile healthcare facilities by installing all kinds of health equipment with generator and wastewater tanks and state-of-the-art equipment. Medical devices and materials are designed in accordance with the intended use. Hot-cold water service can be offered. Specially designed mobile healthcare facilities can provide all kinds of health services that patients may need and demand. They can be used for vaccine services, operating theater, intensive care unit, dentistry, laboratory, drawing blood, roentgen or different ambulatory care services.

In war zones, outbreaks areas and areas where health services cannot be provided, where certain health services are should be temporarily given, where natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods occur, in schools to inform students about health education, and in many areas such as these, Mobile healthcare facilities provide health care to people. Since they do not require construction process, they can be transported to places that need to reach emergency health service in a short time and they can be easily removed from places that need to be lifted and can be easily moved to other places.

Karmod prefabricated health centers which are from mobile healthcare facilities offer production and installation in a short time in the need of health center service buildings that arise in international refugee problems, or places where natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and fires in.