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Buildings made with Betopan panel system are rising very fast

Betopan panel system is widely used in manufacturing and erecting prefabricated worksite camps. It consists of 2 Betopan wall panels fixed together with EPS or Rockwool inbetween as an isolation material and covered with galvanized light steel frame. Betopan panel system is one of the most practical and fast ways of erecting worksite camps, dormitories, Office buildings, WC and Shower units, social and public buildings and etc.


Karmod Prefabricated Technologies deploy a wide range of modular buildings suitable for different needs. Affordable modular buildings with sandwich panel walls made of a fibre cement - a cellulose fiber reinforced and cement based plate which can be used in all kinds of interior and exterior surface coatings with an A1 class non-flammability feature.

The process of setting up a fibre cement building construction is much more simpler and quicker than the conventional building system. Typically, an architecture software can be used to design the virtual rendition of the modular buildings. The components of the building are sent to the construction site and the structure is simply assembled on-site. A steel grid frame is first installed on which Fibre cement boards are fastened to the groove, (usually horizontally for a wall structure) with self-fastening screws. A similar process is followed for partition walls, mezzanine floorings, doors, bathrooms, wall claddings and ceilings as well. These fibre cement boards are painted with contact primer or water-based acrylic. This is an extremely popular and cost effective system that is both durable and affordable.

Ready Made Insulated Walls Panels on Prefabricated Buildings

Karmod ready made sandwich panels are two-sided cement board. 16 density EPS (expanded polystyrene foam) are used between the cement boards as standard insulation. Exterior panel thickness is 100 mm and interior panels thickness is 6 cm. When requested, Karmod produces the wall panels in different density, dimensions and thicknesses.

Karmod prefabricated fibre cement buildings have great advantages of fast production, easy transportation and practical and most importantly, at affordable prices. Suitable for both temporary and permanent purposes, our fibre cement modular buildings are used as commercial buildings, office units, man camp housing, schools buildings, medical healthcare centers and so on.

Setting up an Eco-friendly Fibre cement Modular buildings

Karmod prefabricated modular buildings provide higher efficiency and less wastage and labor costs bringing down the overall cost substantially when compared to traditional buildings construction. The use of ready-made panels eliminates drastically the need for auxiliary activities such as plastering, slots for electrical wiring, and plumbing as these are done at the casting stage itself.

For a more natural texture, Karmod Fibre cement boards come pre-painted with a unique technology called “stains” wherein there is no need to paint the walls except with a protective coating material if required. The walls with ‘stains’ retain the beautiful grainy texture of a Fibre cement board.

New Modular Accommodation Mine Camp & Motel Complexes

Prefab modular buildings also have great flexibility in terms of expansion and modifications with independent blocks that can be added or removed. Karmod is a vast experience in using fibre cement boards in office and commercial buildings, worksite housing, on wall panels, false ceiling board, plasterboard and flooring systems to create interiors of offices and other places such as hospitals and schools.

Are you looking for buildings with fast and easy installation & removal at low prices, reduced labor costs and high durability? Contact us now and benefit from our various solutions of prefab modular buildings. Whether your clients require school buildings, office units, housing, institutional or commercial space, we have the experience and technical expertise to support your business. We look forward to discussing potential opportunities with your company, and stand ready to support your particular project requirements. Karmod fibre cement boards are built to support an entire structure on their own.

Fiber cement Solutions for Today’s Modular Buildings

Karmod fiber cement modular buildings offer a wide range of styles and finishes, so customers can easily choose an exterior design with a look they’ll always enjoy. Because fiber cement boards are made of durable materials that offer weather and fire resistance, it comes with the benefit of long-term dependability.

One of the benefits of prefabricated modular buildings is that they have a more sustainable building process. When building in a factory, waste is eliminated by recycling materials, controlling inventory and protecting building materials, thus reducing overall cost.