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What is a Disinfection Tunnel?

A Disinfection tunnel is among the most important facilitators developed to protect public health during the pandemic period caused by the virus outbreak. The product is called a Disinfectant or Disinfection Cabin because of the internal disinfecting unit developed specifically to prevent the spread of the outbreak. Disinfectant Spray booth is one of the most important tools developed to protect public health from the outbreak after the Coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic affecting the whole world.

Disinfection Cabin from the world leader brand in cabin production

Karmod has been the world leader in manufacturing and export-oriented product development in the cabin sector since 1986. Karmod contributes to the fight against the pandemic by Disinfection Cabin Production for functional and ergonomic uses with the efforts carried out in the R&D department specialized in special products such as disinfectant. Karmod has introduced alternatives to the process of purchasing Disinfection Cabin covid-19 with its products in two different models; the one is 150 x 215 in size produced with GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) technology and the other is 135 x 210 in size produced with panel system. Karmod, which brings together important details in the cabin with its experience with the disinfectant unit, has also facilitated the use of our disabled people with its expertise in this beautiful product with the advantage of wide doors and ramps. Karmod disinfection tunnel is designed to be used in every region of Turkey, especially in Istanbul and cosmopolitans, and receives orders from abroad specifying the brand name.

 Karmod stands out among the disinfection kiosk manufacturers with its alternative product offering. Disinfection kiosk with GRP technology is extremely resistant to hot or cold climates and has many advantages with its long-lasting, stainless and rotting-resistant unit. The cabin maintains its external and internal surface brightness for many years. The special ramp located in the opposing door system with tunnel measuring 150x215 cm has been designed considering the ergonomics of intensive use. Comfort that can be used by disabled people is among the Karmod detailed solutions considered especially in the design. The disinfectant spray system spraying from 8 different points, which are activated by the sensor placed within the cabin, is located by calculating in a way the spray contacts every point of the body.

Another cabin of Karmod containing Disinfection tunnel is the product that is 135 x 210 in size with a panel system. kiosk has a feature of being able to be used outdoor under four-season climate conditions without wearing out for many years. Again, the special ramp system is among the details planned in the design of this product. The door with a maximum width provided entry and exit ease for the disabled vehicle into the unit.

Disinfection Booth Features

When evaluating Karmod Disinfection booth in terms of technical specifications, it is useful to briefly remind the purpose of the product. Karmod special Disinfection booth is designed to make maximum contribution to the best protection of public health during pandemic periods. In order to support this important goal with brand expertise, the contribution to the expectation of protecting human health in product design is carefully combined with usage ergonomics.

Disinfection Tunnel & Automatic System:

The disinfectant transmitter system is activated automatically with the featured sensor placed in the cabin. 8-point spray system consisting of special fogging nozzles placed within the unit with automatic activation feature of the sensor is activated and the disinfection process begins. With the system designed in a way the spray touches every part of the human body, the process is completed successfully and safely in such a short time of 6 seconds. Although 6 seconds is the recommended time, this time can be increased from the time relay on the disinfection machine installed next to the cabin. With the sensor and time system, possible wastes that may occur during intensive use periods have been eliminated.

Disinfection Machine and Water Tank System

The disinfectant machine with special box placed next to the Karmod Disinfection cabins has been specially selected considering the long-term intensive use conditions. 100-liter special liquid disinfectant storage tank, which is also produced by the Karmod group, is made of polyethylene non-deformable raw material.

Karmod disinfection Cabin is all over the life in the fight against the pandemic

Manufactured with Karmod quality assurance, Karmod Disinfection Cabin has safe and practical use in all public areas with a high human density such as squares, shopping malls, public institutions, sports and tourism facilities, fair areas, rallies and meeting organizations, wedding and marriage halls, plazas, factories, and business centers. We strongly recommend that businesses examine the products prepared under the expertise of Karmod in their needs for staff disinfectant cabin. When it is examined is examined in respect of Disinfection Cabin Prices, it must be evaluated together with its long-lasting usage and warranty conditions.

Disinfectant Machine and Tank System

The disinfectant machine with special box placed next to the Karmod disinfectant cabins has been specially selected considering the long-term intensive use conditions. 100-liter special liquid disinfectant storage tank, which is also produced by the Karmod group, is made of polyethylene non-deformable raw material.

Is disinfection cabin harmful?

As Karmod, we strongly recommend the use of special disinfectant fluids that will not harm human health when choosing disinfectant to be used in the cabin. We recommend our customers that they prefer the products with the brands approved by the Ministry of Health when purchasing the disinfectants to be used in these cabins.

Your health is protected with the Test Cabin

Karmod Test Cabin was specially designed to safely carry out the tests of highly contagious diseases such as Covid19. Medical personnel performing infectious virus tests are safely protected by the Test Cabin.

In the Virus Test Cabin, designed with the expertise of Leading Cabin manufacturer Karmod, the risk of possible contact with the patient is reduced to zero with the culvert placed in the front section.

How is the Covid19 (Corona virus) test carried out?

The safety of health personnel, nurses and doctors who fight against the virus during the fight against infectious disease in the pandemic periods is of utmost importance. As a matter of fact, due to the insufficient precautions during the Covid19 pandemic process, many health care professionals were infected worldwide. Unfortunately, due to the lack of necessary precautions, many health workers, including professors, lost their life. Many of them were unable to fight the disease for days due to the infection.

Health workers who carry out the virus test should perform this task under special conditions and with adequate protective measures by wearing personal protective equipment with adequate qualifications. In order to eliminate these risks, Karmod produced a very safe Test Cabin. With the help of special culverts located in front of the special test cabin, it is carried out without risk of contact with the patient by using swabs in his/her nasal or nasal tube for testing. The swab sample taken under the contactless cabin conditions is safely transported to the laboratory.

Our Virus Test Cabin model has prepared an extremely safe working environment for health care professionals. This cabin with safe and ergonomic usage is used as a very safe and practical product in every virus test center such as public health centers, pandemic centers, and hospital gardens.