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Special made for high security points

Karmod, the leading brand in the prefabricated building industry, produces special bulletproof shields for the use of high security points such as military, police, embassy and consulates.

Karmod also showed the armored shield product, which were prepared by improving the success of the bulletproof security clubs in R & D. The BR7 cabin that has successful passed bulletproof protection tests has begun to be used at product safety points.

The armored shield with BR7 protection level features ergonomic handling with a triple shield that can move independently of each other. Each unit can be used individually or in triple blocks. The triple shield block is adjustable from 120 to 180 degrees and has easy handling. The sight glass and slide shot on each culminate are used to shoot against possible attack.

Each area of the armored shield has BR7 ballistic protection and provides safe protection against 7,62x51 - AP armor piercing bullet types. The bulletproof shield is safe against a G3 infantry rifle, AK47 Kalashnikov and an M16. Please contact us for special productions and information’s for other ballistic levels.

BR7 Protection Level Warfare Guard Tool Features:

  • 10 mm special armor with BR7 protection level
  • Triple or mutually independent mobility
  • 60x25 cm sight glass
  • 12x150 cm sliding shot
  • Silicone based fire resistant 3 wheels in each module
  • 85 mm thickness Ballistic glasses
  • Easy replacement of the windows from the outside
  • Different angle usage feature between 120 degrees and 180 degrees