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107 m2 Prefab Homes

  • Saloon 25 m²
  • Bedroom 16 m²
  • Kitchen 13 m²
  • Bathroom 4 m²
  • Bedroom 14 m²
  • Bedroom 14 m²
  • Entrance 8 m²
  • Wc 3 m²
  • Patio 5 m²
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Why Prefab Steel Homes are the Future of Housing

Karmod prefab steel homes are produced with modern technology to provide reliable, fast built and value for money steel house solutions. There are no limitations when you consider your prefab steel home plan and design. Karmod's team of professional engineers will take your requirements or hand-crafted plan and present it to you as a light steel houses solution. Prefab steel homes are customized modular buildings. The most important difference from other modular structures is that it has a steel frame. Light steel frame construction technology is becoming the most popular around the world, thanks to the many advantages it offers such as strength, safety, error-free construction, environmental friendliness, flexibility and most importantly affordable price. Karmod's innovative prefab steel homes designs reduce costs. Prefab steel houses are a great option for those looking to build low cost & easily build a metal homes that not only goes up faster, deliver to whole world.

Modern Prefab Steel Homes - Worldwide Steel Buildings

Prefab steel homes has multiple advantages. Building with our steel frame house systems you get superior strength, better energy efficiency, less maintenance, a fireproof material and the use of a green renewable product in your home's main frame support system. This alone makes it the material of choice for your family to deter the cost of maintenance and have additional protection in the event of threatening weather or fire. Metal structure houses are never damaged by termites or mold. Therefore, there is no need to use hazardous chemicals to prevent damage, eliminating excessive maintenance costs. Prefabricated steel houses also offer high energy efficiency thanks to their advanced design.

Low Cost Family Prefabricated Steel Houses

Steel Frame Homes: The Construction Model of the Future: Karmod is one of the world's leading steel framed house manufacturers. Karmod Prefab Steel Home Technologies has decades of proven success in providing high quality, long-lasting and sustainable homes to more than 132 countries all over the world. Structural elements of Prefab steel buildings are produced under strict control in our modern factory and carefully taken to the place of assembly. Our light steel frame structures are light-weighted with a load-bearing building system capable of providing high accommodation while minimizing loads on the foundation. Light steel frame system can be used not only in houses but also in many different structures. The Prefab steel home construction process is fast, efficient and weather dependent. Unlike traditional construction, up to 80% of the work in a steel framing system is done in a factory that does not have drying or water issues to affect the structure. This means less time on site, less cleaning work, lower labor costs. All these features reduce the cost of prefab steel homes.

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