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Ingenieurdormitorium für 12 Personen

  • Kapazität 12
  • Lenght 29.592,5 m
  • Breite 10.240 m
  • Höhe 2.500 m
  • m2 303 m²
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Engineering Excellence with Karmod: 12-Person White-Collar Accommodation Solutions

Karmod's 12-Person Engineer Dormitory, spanning 232 m², is an accommodation marvel specially designed for white-collar professionals. This model offers a space where engineers and other white-collar workers can relax, rejuvenate, and gather their energy after long and exhausting workdays. With the use of high-quality materials and construction techniques, Karmod not only ensures durability and safety but also guarantees energy efficiency and sustainability. This means long-term efficiency and employee satisfaction in your projects.

Superior Comfort and Efficiency: Karmod's 12-Person White-Collar Dormitory

Spread over a spacious area of 232 m², Karmod's 12-Person Engineer Dormitory stands out with its modern design and functional living spaces. Rooms, each designed specifically, along with work and relaxation areas, provide the comfort and privacy engineers and managers need. High-speed internet, ergonomic workstations, and comfortable relaxation areas enhance the productivity of white-collar workers while also maximizing motivation and job satisfaction. Karmod offers an accommodation solution that can withstand the challenges of the business world.

The Karmod Difference in White-Collar Dormitories: Quality, Comfort, and Flexibility

Karmod's 12-Person Engineer Dormitory is a unique accommodation solution that combines quality and flexibility. On this vast area of 232 m², Karmod presents innovative solutions that assert its leadership in the industry. Thanks to its modular structure, the installation and potential expansion of this dormitory are straightforward, making it ideal for dynamic and changing projects. Additionally, the Karmod dormitory efficiently and economically solves one of the biggest challenges businesses face: long-term accommodation needs. This is the key to sustainable success in the business world.

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