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Annex – C: Technical specifications of the product

TECHNICAL DATA Earthquake Conditions (1st  degree earthquake zone) effective ground acceleration coefficient A0=0,4 Light Steel Material, trusses and columns Erdemir 1311 ,(ST-37 )  Standard DIN EN 10147-00, zinc plated galvanized steel structure is used.
Climate Conditions Production is made based on 3rd climate zone Building Coefficient  I=1, Moveable load, Participation Coefficient ( n=0,8)
Snow load 80 Kg/m2 ( For Karmod standard Steel structures ) 
Wind Speed  102 km/hours ( 590 kg/m2) For height 0-8 mt. TS 498, TS EN 1991-1-4
RELATING STANDARDS Design-Statics  TS EN 1993-1-1 , 1-2, 1-8+AC, (EUROCODE 3 ), TS 11372, TS 498   ,TS 648,TS 6793, TS EN 1991-1-1-3 , 1-1-4 (EUROCODE   1), TS EN 1998-1 (EUROCODE 8 ), IMO-01.R-01/2005, Regulation on Buildings to be Constructed in Earthquake Zones- 2007
Production Purlins and girdles are produced from box profile material. Other metal construction welded manufacturing.
Fasteners Clinch nut, galvanized coated bolt and nut DIN 933- 960-961, DIN 935-F, 8.8, TS 1020, TS EN 20898
Fire resistance DIN 4102 Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fire - 2002
Construction System Providing that the width of steel structures max. 30 mt. , it can be produced as double, triple, quadruple or five-piece blocks,. The building height can be extended as desired in multiples of 2, 5 mt.. Column height can be at any desired height. All architectural planning, design and technical drawings are made by Autocad program, engineering calculations are made by SAP 2000 program by our expert technical staff. All materials used are TSE certified. Karmod standard steel construction structures 80 kg / m2 snow load, Wind speed 102 km / h (50 Kg / m2) (up to h = 0-8 m) Based on TS 4, 1st degree earthquake conditions and 3rd climate zone are produced.
ROOF Roff trusses construction As a result of the static analysis, it is made as welded with full meshed body at desired intervals. Steel trusses are produced as a profile section gable roof. Roof covering overflows 10 cm and forms eaves.
  It is made of box profile or UNP profile material (sheet thickness varies between 1,5 and 4 mm depending on static calculations and construction requirements.)
Facade Purlins 
Rain Gutters  
Metal gutters and PVC downpipes are used in multi-goal structures and in block joints
CEILING COVERINGS Roof purlins  60x60x2 mm profile (Profile cross-section varies between 1,5 and 4 mm depending on static calculations and construction requirements.)
Insulation and Claddings Not Available 
DOORS Outer Doors Polyurethane wall panel is manufactured as a body profile frame, 360 cmx350 cm in size, rail from the bottom and sliding. (There is a hinged 900 mmx2000 mm personnel service door on the door.)
DAYLIGHT  PANELS System  There is no window. Polyester day  light panels are used along the long edge for illumination. 160 cm. between 80 * 100 cm. in size. (Different sized windows on request)
EXTERNAL FCADES 0,50 mm thick unpainted galvanized trapezoidal metal sheets are fixed to purlins with galvanized coated self-drilling screws. Can be in sandwich panel (inside insulation)
INSULATION RAL 9002 painted galvanized polyurethane sandwich roof panel with outer surface 0,50 mm and inner surface 0,40 mm thick galvanized sheet with 40 mm polyurethane (40 kg / m3) insulation, galvanized coated and fastened to steel purlins with triple screws (according to customer request) .
ROOF  System No coating and thermal insulation material is used on the ceiling.
ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION      System Electrical installation is not done in standard. It is optional.
SANITARY INSTALLATION  System Sanitary installation is not done in standard. It is optional.
BASE AND CONCRETE Concrete must be poured according to the concrete plan (foundation dimensions) given by us and the loads on the foundation. Foundation design, statics, foundation and floor covering will be done by the CUSTOMER. The building is fixed with anchor plates or template plate anchors that are sent and mounted in the concrete blocks beforehand in the holes in the concrete ground. Iron raft foundation or steel mesh ground should be prepared.  
The ground should be prepared in accordance with the concrete plan provided by KARMOD. It is the responsibility of the CUSTOMER  to take into account the explanations in the concrete plan to be given by KARMOD. Required crane, accommodation in intercity assemblies, meal fee, transportation and transportation insurance, floor concrete, floor coverings, lines outside the building, painting, supplying electricity to be used during assembly, and protecting the materials at the installation site belongs to the CUSTOMER
WARRANTY COVERAGE Karmod products are manufactured with advanced technology. 1-years warranty is provided against manufacturing faults. If Karmod-branded aluminum and adhesive labels were removed then warranty will be stopped.
In case of failure, fault detection should be done correctly. In order to resolve the failure, requested documents should be sent to Karmod and photographs must be taken from 30 cm, 2 m and 10 m distances in order to send appropriate materials and team. Otherwise even product is covered under warranty, service delivery will not be made
Karmod Prefabricated Building Technologies has the right to make modifications in the Technical Specifications.