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Two Storey Prefab Housing 128 m²

  • Saloon 48 m²
  • Bedroom 8 m²
  • Wc 3 m²
  • Patio 7 m²
  • Bathroom 8 m²
  • Entrance 10 m²
  • Bedroom 15 m²
  • Bedroom 12 m²
  • Bedroom 10 m²
  • Balcony 7 m²
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Prefab Social Housing & Prefabricated Public Housing

Prefabricated social houses are produced in a factory environment and built on site. Although there are many different types, governments provide homes to suit the needs of each region. One of the most important reasons why it is preferred by the states is that it can be obtained quickly. Successful examples from all over the world show that prefabricated house technology will build the future. Developing countries around the world are experiencing massive population growth and acute housing shortages. Meeting the demand for affordable housing for the growing urban population is a challenging task facing most governments in these countries. Providing affordable housing requires appropriate construction technology with the changing benefits of the economy and the pace of construction. Prefabricated social houses are an ideal solution to meet the ever-increasing demand for housing in these countries. The only practical solution to the problem of meeting the housing needs of the masses for speed and convenience in construction is prefabricated house technology. Adopting affordable, low-cost construction techniques also provides the opportunity to own a house at the desired size and cost. Prefab social housing & how they can come together to create better amenity for the public housing owners as well as safer and more inclusive communal spaces.

Next-Gen Prefab Social Housing with Karmod Prefabricated Houses

Our prefabricated social houses are practical, economical, durable and configurable. This means that they are all customizable on demand, withstand most disasters, and with the option of extra durability, their durability can be increased extra to occupy the most dangerous areas such as war zones, yet still very cost effective. It is practical and practical compared to other prefabricated structures or permanent buildings on the market. As Karmod, we take all humanitarian and professional precautions into account. We hope to prevent any inconvenience we may cause during our work by taking the necessary precautions before starting our activities, respecting all communities, traditions, religions and ideas.

Best Prefabricated Public Housing

Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, one of the leading companies in the prefabricated building sector, gives importance to quality rather than quantity. For over 30 years we have developed and implemented unique designs in our work to provide modern accommodation services worldwide. We offer accommodation services in different categories, especially prefab social housing and prefab public housing. As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we believe that it is important to consider quality rather than quantity, due to the increasing need for portable accommodation every year. We believe that by modernizing our work and the way we serve, we will be able to provide exactly what our customers need, rather than providing makeshift services.

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