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In today's world, we have entered a new era where protecting human health is more important than before. Covid19 epidemic, which first appeared in Wuhan, China in December 2019, in a short time covered the world. Our world, which has turned into a global village with the proliferation of communication instruments, has been confronted such a unusual dangerous epidemic for the first time. So much so that today, even the longest distance from one end of the world to another can be covered in 13-15 hours before the day passes. This means that the epidemic, which only affected the region where it showed up in the past, can surround the world in a really short time.

We understood with Corona Pandemic that our world is not safe against such dangers, contrary to what is believed. First, against the Covid19 contamination, which directly targets the respiratory tract, the inability of the well-known countries' health systems appeared, they almost collapsed. there should have been precautions against Covid19 contamination that choke people with symptoms such as dry cough, fever, weakness, arthralgia, sore throat and respiratory distress that spread rapidly from person to person.

Mobile hospital and health cabin demands from abroad increased. Mobile Clinic and Hospital Units are used as Health Test Cabinet Units, Mobile hospital container unit, field hospital and quarantine and clinical health facility. We will produce as soon as possible these modular field hospitals in Turkey and we will install them as turnkey modular healthcare facilities for covid19 and coronavirus patients in 120 countries.

Countries realized that the most important investment should be in health facility buildings as well as protection measures such as mask, physical and social distance and isolation. The quick establishment of Pandemic hospitals, which will provide important services in struggling this type of epidemics for many years was included in the urgent health investment agendas of the countries. Firstly, in China, where the disease started, a 1000-bed modular hospital was established in a short time with the Prefabricated Building model. Turkey that quickly identified the risk of the disease and made plans according to this, became the country that made the most mention with the rapid decisions it made in the prefabricated hospital projects. As follows, during a short one-week decision, the foundation of 2 separate Prefabricated Pandemic Hospitals, each with a capacity of 1008 rooms and beds, was laid on April 9, 2019. A smart move was made in the field hospital construction by taking full advantage of the steel construction prefabricated building system. Hospital projects, which could not be completed so quickly and in a short time with any other building model, were completed in a record time of 45 days and put into service. In these two important projects, the Turkish Prefabricated Building Industry successfully passed an important examination and played the leading role in bringing two important pandemic field hospitals to the country.

The names of Prof. Dr. Murat Dilmener who is also known as the "teacher of teachers" and Prof. Dr. Feriha Öz, who lost their lives due to the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19), were given to these hospitals, which were opened on 29 and 31 May. The prefabricated field hospital, which was built inside the airport in Yeşilköy, Istanbul, was named "Prof. Dr. Murat Dilmener Emergency Hospital", and the other hospital in Sancaktepe district next to the Sarıgazi military airport started to serve as "Prof. Dr. Feriha Öz Emergency Hospital".

Both health centers with long-term usage standards, built with a prefabricated modular structure model, havea fully equipped hospital infrastructure with operating rooms, MR, triage rooms, laboratories, angio and ultrasounds. In these two important Pandemic Modular Hospitals there are 500 vehicle parking lot, 16 operating rooms, 576 patient bedrooms, 36 of which have dialysis and intensive care infrastructure, 432 intensive care beds, 36 of which have dialysis patient infrastructure, 36 emergency beds, 8 triage, 2 CRP, 4 tomography, 4 MR, 2 x-ray rooms.

Health Tourism Hospitals

Prefabricated pandemic hospitals, which were prepared to meet the needs of the emergency healthcare building during the pandemic period, also have an important function during periods when there is no epidemic danger. These full-fledged hospitals contribute to the country's economy by serving as Health Tourism Hospitals in the normal period. No matter which country comes from the world, the patient can be examined by an ambulance from the plane that lands at the airport next to the hospital. In hospital services for health tourism, treatment and surgery services are provided in the field of Medical Tourism. Generally, health tourism gains momentum in the countries due to basic reasons such as high technology health services and lack of human resources, especially professional physicians. For these reasons, we can add reasons such as the high cost of health services in that country, the demand for higher quality services, and the plastic surgery operations that a person wants to keep secret by not wanting to be known. The desire of these patients to spend their holidays in the country where they are treated constitutes this demand. Among the general health services provided in modern hospitals within the scope of Health Tourism, there are many service areas such as laser eye surgeries, aesthetic surgery service, orthopedic surgeries such as prostheses, and cardiovascular surgeries. With the provision of these services, the social facilities where the patients will be accommodated can be established quickly with the prefabricated model. These structures for health tourism include prefabricated hotelsprefabricated timeshare property buildings, patient rehabilitation centers.

The Best Decision For Health Investments Is Prefab Hospital

The main purpose in health facility investment projects, which is the most basic need for the protection of public health, is the principle of long-lasting functional aspect and the service of humanity by building in a very short time. Prefab Modular Hospital Buildings are the fastest and safest way to accomplish this goal. With the Prefabricated Building Systemfull-fledged hospital buildings, which can serve thousands of hospitals at the same time, begin to provide services by installing in very short periods. Investments are covered in a very short time.

Beside Humanity in Hard Time: Field Hospitals

Prefab Modular Hospital Buildings are being established with the advantages of fast installation and the concept of a full-fledged Field Hospital which serves humanity in hard times. In hospital needs that arise during natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires, landslides, volcanic eruptions or refugee migrations caused by the war situation, Field Hospital is a hope for humanity.

All units in the full-fledged hospital are also located in Prefab Modular Field Hospital Buildings. With the advantage of the Prefabricated Building Model, Modular Hospital, which serves thousands of people, can be completed in an average of 1 month.

In Field Hospital, there are emergency room, intensive care, cardiovascular surgery unit, brain and general surgery unit, orthopedic clinic, gynecology units, newborn intensive care units, sterilization units, oxygen production systems, magnetic resonance, tomography and radiology unit that includes equipment such as x-ray, mammography device, x-ray devices with c arm, just like in a full-fledged hospital.

In our Hospital Emergency Room, there are equipments such as transfer stretchers for patients, ecg devices, vital monitors, blood pressure devices, otoscope and ophthalmoscope devices, surgical intervention room, sewing sets, burn intervention equipment, dressing and medicine trolleys, electric modern patient cots, infusion and injector pumps. There are crah cards, cars, medicine cars, dressing cars, ecg devices, defibrillators, vital monitors, bedside monitors, EEG devices, EMG devices in the patient service departments. Also in our field hospitals, in our unit named as sterilization room, there are autoclave devices of different sizes, laundry, laundry drying units, packaging machines for sterile products.

The patient rooms of our field hospital consist of the equipment that is found in the most modern hospitals. These include: oxygen and vacuum systems connected to the central system, modern 3-motor, 4-motor patient and nurse-controlled patient beds, toilet, dining table, companion chair.

The operating room unit of our field  hospital also has modern hospital equipment

Inside, there are Modern operating tables, state-of-the-art anesthesia machine and LED ceiling surgery lamp, cautery devices, complicated motor systems for orthopedic operating rooms, general surgery, urology, gynaecology, operating room with all technological equipment such as endoscopy units used in ear, nose and throat operating rooms, microscopes and phaco devices that can be used for eye surgeries if desired.

In our intensive care unit, there are oxygen and vacuum units, ventilator devices, infusion and injector pumps, bedside monitors, defibrillator devices, and 4-motor modern patient beds. Optionally, a central control system can be installed for bedside monitors.

The laboratory equipment of our field hospital has sufficient devices and equipment for all medical tests and covid test. It consists of two parts. 1- Biochemistry department; hormone device, blood count device, urine device, coagulation, sedimentation, cardiac device. 2-Microbiology department; microscope, biosafety cabinet, centrifuge, mixer, fume cupboard, incubator, dry air sterilizer, special cooling cabinet for materials.

Our field hospital is offered with a sufficient amount of fully equipped ambulances. In these ambulances: oxygen, vacuum, rejuvenation systems, special equipment bags, ambu systems, vital devices such as defibrillator device. MORG unit: our morgue unit is a modern unit and can be made in multiple floors. It is designed according to the desired number and it has a fully automatic system.