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Prefab Homes

Karmod Prefabricated Technologies is a company built on important values such as trust, reliability, diligence and experience. With these in hand, we design and produce products that are aimed to increase your efficiency in many ways. As Karmod we value quality above all else and want to provide our customers with more than what they require. We have been combining practicality with innovation since 1986. With our expertise in the field and determination to increase service quality, our prefab homes and other practical accommodation products are designed to provide you with the most comfortable, efficient and affordable accommodation solutions available in the market.

Modern Prefab Homes for Sale

For many years, Karmod Prefab Homes have become one of the most preferred practical accommodation solution that we provide. They are affordable, practical and very durable, making them the ideal modern housing solution. As Karmod, we are constantly designing new products and improving the already existing ones to widen our services and maintain the quality of our prefabricated homes and many other practical accommodation services. With our professional research and development team, we implement new technologies and innovation in our wide catalogue of products to provide the most useful and comfortable housing solutions.

Multi-Family Modular Prefabricated Homes

Our prefabricated homes are especially designed for families of any size. They are comfortable, affordable and durable. Which makes them easier to obtain and take care of. When many people think of prefab homes, they believe that prefab homes are actually not practical and unreliable. The reason this opinion is so wide-spread is that in the past, prefabricated homes were actually not very reliable. That is because, the technology was not so advanced thus the many processes that required to produce a single prefabricated home was very slow. However, as the time passes, prefab homes are getting more and more advanced, even surpassing the traditional building methods and, as Karmod, we have been designing more and more innovative accommodation solutions that surpass not even traditional buildings, but also other prefabricated buildings available in the market today.

Sustainable Prefab Homes

Other than durability and affordability, sustainability is another feature you have to look in a prefab home. Karmod Prefab Homes do provide this sustainability because viability of a building is as important as its durability. The more you have to work on a building to keep it together, the more it is less reliable which makes Karmod Prefab Homes superior as they require little to no maintenance and repairs during their lifetime. That is the reason why most of our products are preferred among other prefabricated homes and modular homes. As Karmod, we also support all of our products during their lifetime and we can guarantee that they require the minimum care to be fully operational.

How Much are Prefab Homes?

In terms of price, Karmod prefabricated homes are one of the most affordable and practical accommodation solution you can find. Because they have good insulation, you do not have to worry about excessive bills, which makes them quite viable. Other than that, Karmod prefabricated homes are very easy to transport. They are installed in our high-tech factories and sent to the desired location via sea or land transportation systems. Because they are produced in a professional factory environment as parts, they are easy to transport and install which also saves from a lot of trouble and expenses. To conclude, Karmod prefabricated homes are very affordable, durable, sustainable, practical and configurable and these features allows them to be exceptionally good in terms of price and quality.

What are Prefab Homes?

Prefabricated Homes are buildings that are produced in a professional manufacturing plant environment and transferred to the desired location. After the delivery, with Karmod professional installation team already present at the location before the delivery, the installation process begins. Because they are produced in parts, they can be installed without requiring a lot of workforce. They also do not require any kind of power tools or heavy equipment to be raised thus minimizing the amount of possible pollution caused around the area. The time of this process may vary depending on the magnitude or the location of the project. After the installation, your dream home is ready to be occupied.

Where to Buy Prefab Homes

With over 36 years of experience and expertise in the field of prefabricated buildings, Karmod Prefabricated Technologies is the most preferred prefab house provider since 1986. We produce prefabricated homes that are not only viable but able to provide you with more than what you require. They are durable, practical, sustainable, affordable and fully customizable. Meaning, they are able to withstand most harsh environment and occupy various terrain, they require little maintenance during their lifetime as they hardly malfunction in any way, they can be delivered however you want them to be and last but not least, they are very cost-efficient especially compared to traditional buildings and other prefabricated buildings available in the market.

How do Prefab Homes Work?

It's nearly impossible to believe that such a practical, affordable, and high-quality lodging solution is so simple to find. It is, in reality, really simple to obtain. This is made possible by the manufacturing method of our prefabricated buildings. Years of planning and refinement resulted in the greatest available lodging solution. Karmod Prefab Homes include a number of advantages that allow you to avoid certain costs, maintenance, and other issues that are common in traditional structures. Karmod creates a variety of unique accommodation solutions to suit the growing need for additional modular buildings and to deliver much more.

Where to Buy Prefab Shipping Container Homes?

When we talk about the large availability of prefab shipping container homes in the market, it is quite easy to tell that there are a lot of options. Which makes it really hard to find a reliable container for sale as many of these options may be unreliable. However, as Karmod, we can safely say that we are one of the best prefab shipping container homes provider in the market. Because the technology allows the production of prefab shipping container homes and other prefabricated buildings relatively easy to produce, the availability of the said accommodation solutions is high. It is, in fact, possible to examine each and every one of them but that requires a lot of time. That is why, as Karmod, we have become the most reliable prefabricated buildings, prefab shipping container homes and modular cabins provider. Our reputation and the mutual respect we have between our customers is what made us come this far. Because of this, we were able to constantly improve our way of service and upgrade our products to a greater extent while designing new ones so that you do not have to think about choosing the right prefabricated buildings or prefab shipping container homes provider.

How Secure are Prefab Homes

As Karmod, we can safely say that all of our prefabricated building types stand out with their durability among traditional buildings and other prefabricated buildings available in the market. We design our prefabricated buildings to be highly dependable. This allows our products to be able to withstand many harsh weather conditions, natural or man-made disasters and occupy most rigid or harsh terrain. Our prefabricated products are also tested by our teams of professionals after the production process and delivered safely to your hands. This durability feature also boosts the sustainability of our prefabricated buildings and allows them to be used for a lifetime. They hardly ever malfunction or need repairs and even if they do, because they are prefabricated, they can be quickly fixed. Their insulation and many other beneficial systems implemented in our prefabricated buildings also allows you to refrain from excessive expenses and save you from overspending during the period of usage. To conclude, Karmod Prefabricated Buildings are the safest, the most secure and practical accommodation solution that is available in the market today. For more information about the safety of our products, please contact us.