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87 m2 Prefab Homes

  • Saloon 25 m²
  • Bedroom 14 m²
  • Kitchen 9 m²
  • Bathroom 4 m²
  • Bedroom 13 m²
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Europe's largest prefabricated modular home manufacturer

Prefabricated houses are the architecture that has been gaining popularity in recent years. The term prefab house can encompass almost all home building styles, but it has no clear definition. Although some results can be achieved in terms of lexical meaning, the usage areas cover a much wider framework than the lexical meaning. Prefabricated houses differ from traditional houses in terms of construction method. But they are both a house and their interior plans are pretty much the same. Prefab homes Europe has started to be preferred quite a lot, especially after the pandemic period. As Karmod, we carry out prefabricated house projects all over the world. Prefabricated houses can be installed in the desired location and can be moved to any location needed. We build prefab homes throughout the European Union. We offer innovative housing solutions for modular home, family homes, affordable social housing.

The company that produces affordable prefab houses in Europe

High Quality Karmod Prefab Homes Europe: So when we look at it as a definition, what are prefabricated houses? The houses, which are generally called prefabricated houses, are called this way because they are first produced in the factory environment outside the construction site and then delivered to the construction site and assembled. In fact, traditional house building methods also have prefabricated elements. Components such as some roof units and interior design elements can also be produced off-site from traditional construction methods. However, the term "prefabricated" is used to refer to a more modern construction method. Many companies around the world describe modern approaches in the industry with this generic term, on the assumption that there is no clarity around the term “prefabricated” and that it refers only to a modern, cost-effective method. Any house today can be considered prefabricated, even if some of it was built in a factory.

We build Prefab homes across the European Union and beyond

Prefab Homes: The Future of Architecture: Prefab house Europe is one of the most preferred regions. The use of prefabricated houses was initially due to necessity. Prefab homes Europe later started to be used for aesthetic purposes as well. Over time, sub-titles related to prefabricated house technology have emerged. Different names have been made according to the usage and production method. The idea of ​​using prefabricated houses as social housing has been a very useful solution to urbanization problems. There are different types of modern prefabricated modular houses such as steel house construction and prefabricated villas. Of course, these names are classified according to their intended use. Modular and prefabricated definitions are classified according to the mode of production. Prefab home cost varies according to many different models and designs.

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