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Modern Container Homes

Modern Container Homes for Every Budget

In 1986 we started building high-end traditional container offices and homes and fell in love with office and residential container homes. We have transferred our heritage of high-end craftsmanship to our container business. Every one of our buildings is built to the same standard and quality.

We are a family-run business that focuses on developing your home or business to describe you or the character of your company. We like to mix styles such as contemporary and classic or industrial and glamour chic to give you designs that suit your lifestyle and interests.

Karmod Container Homes aims to create the best, affordable and stylish green alternative to traditional sustainable housing using office and home containers. With the environment in mind, all of our container homes combine performance, value and hassle-free maintenance to provide a unique home or office to meet the needs of all of our customers.

Incredible Container Houses Around the World

Karmod, one of the largest container providers in Turkey, has launched a new lifestyle product called Living Container Office and Home. In effect, it transforms a conventional living container into an additional living space, be it a home office or a retreat, a studio or a guest room.

Luxury Container office and homes mainly belongs to prefabricated container homes. Container office and homes have customized functions and can be changed according to their own needs. Container office and homes can move their positions freely without being limited by location and space, and can meet the standards of any country.

My proven system for building your container office and home can withstand almost any natural disaster - including earthquakes and hurricanes - making container offices and homes one of the safest modular housing options available.

Modern Container office and Houses To Inspire You

This versatile building material is both environmentally friendly and quick to build, offers a world of design possibilities at a price that won't break the bank, plus you might be surprised at how stylish these metal masterpieces are. The interior walls are designed with thermal and acoustic insulation, which means that the temperature inside the house is stable all year round. With large floor-to-ceiling windows, sliding glass doors and wooden decks, the converted office and living containers also have easy access to the outdoors.

If you’re looking for an alternative living space? Affordable homes can be modernly chic – and green too! We have created the perfect list of affordable container office and homes for sale. modern container office houses have become extremely popular for the modern-day eco-friendly minimalist. We understand why these living container office and houses are coveted in today’s society because these eco-friendly homes are durable, affordable, and portable.

Many prefabricated container house manufacturers have entered the market and you have many options to choose from. If you want to buy a container house, we have you covered right here. Below you can find our advertisements of the highest quality.

Office and Home container - Huge selection. Good Prices

Converted container offices and container homes are smartly equipped to meet any compact off-grid living needs. This makes them useful in many situations, from urban to remote areas. And of course, their convenience, speed and global product delivery capabilities make them a fast housing solution. The container homes in rural areas are the first of their kind. Using containers and traditional building methods, we can offer any bespoke layout for large open-plan structures.

Sometimes special circumstances can produce outstanding results. Temporary container housing is one such amazing solution to natural disasters. This project is a multi-storey container housing project. Imagine a container house that can be built anywhere in the world and is the answer to such an incredible challenge. To make it even better, this small building could be used as temporary housing or even as a hotel project. What is the secret behind the apparent ubiquity of the Karmod container house?

A simple key element: by respecting the internationally standardized office container, this small building can be transported around the world and assembled with standard lifting and transport systems for office and home containers.

Design Your Dream Container Home and Office

Why use office containers for Karmod homes, studios, cabins and offices? The interest in shipping container homes is part of a wider interest in saving money on prefabrication and modular homes, in addition to trending trends. Many prospective homeowners are looking to reduce construction and maintenance costs.

As container homes continue to rise in popularity, so do requests for homeowners to build homes with them. Repurposed office and house containers are even popping up as markets, hotels, fairs, and mobile shops at local events. Even with the increasing popularity,

Today with its partners around the world, Karmod is pavement to our clients to get the product they want installed and ready to use. We work closely with partners in different countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Palestine, Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya to make sure our clients get full service including supply, clearance, transportation, erection and aftersales service.