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149 m² Prefab Homes

  • Saloon 33 m²
  • Bedroom 17 m²
  • Kitchen 18 m²
  • Bathroom 7 m²
  • Bedroom 15 m²
  • Bedroom 13 m²
  • Entrance 14 m²
  • Bathroom 4 m²
  • Patio 9 m²
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Affordable modern prefab homes you can buy right now

Modern prefabricated homes are modular structures produced under controlled conditions in factory conditions. Although its low cost and flexible structure are the most preferred reasons, it has many advantages over traditional structures. Prefabricated structures have been used for commercial purposes in different industries for a long time. Useful housing is needed for the accommodation of workers in construction site camps and similar worker camps. It is very difficult to construct a building with these characteristics with traditional methods. The main factors that complicate the construction of traditional structures on construction sites are labor, cost and logistics. The emergence of modern prefab homes has emerged as a result of the need for structures that need to be provided practically and quickly, such as construction site camps. The ready transportation of the building, which was built in another environment, not on the site, has greatly shortened the construction period. In this way, heavy construction machines do not need to enter the construction site and the pollution that will occur in the area is prevented. You can have modern prefabricated houses without leaving any impact on the environment.

Cheap Modern Prefabricated Homes For Sale

Prefabricated homes have multiple advantages. Having a low-cost and durable building quickly provides efficiency for projects in almost any field. Waiting for the construction of a traditional style building to start the project is both costly and causes the project to be affected by variable economic conditions. In modern prefabricated houses, there is no need for such a cost. Karmod is an architect designed modern prefab homes system built with high quality materials, and delivered to you at an low cost  price.

Affordable and Long-Lasting Modern Best Prefab Homes

Modern prefabricated houses are products that are produced with modular construction technology and meet aesthetic needs. Production in the factory environment allows for a wide variety of design models, and customized structures are produced in addition to the standard models. After the structures produced in the factory environment are moved easily and quickly, they are installed in the desired area. Modern Prefabricated homes are built on a certain foundation to be durable and long-lasting. The structures produced in the factory can be moved to the desired location, but the prefabricated house built on the foundation cannot be moved to another place later on. This is a feature that distinguishes modern prefab houses from other modular structures. However, modern modular homes allow for many different customizations within their durable and flexible structure. You can shape the design as you wish and furnish your home according to your own style. Since modern prefabricated houses require very little labor during production and assembly, the margin of error is very low.

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