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94 m2 Prefab Homes

  • Saloon 21 m²
  • Bedroom 12 m²
  • Kitchen 12 m²
  • Bathroom 4 m²
  • Bedroom 14 m²
  • Bedroom 10 m²
  • Entrance 10 m²
  • Patio 6 m²
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Mobile Tiny Homes & Custom Built Tiny House

Tiny house, which refers to small houses, is a general name given to fixed or portable houses with an average size of 10 m2 to 30 m2. The small house trend with minimal features has been increasing in recent years. The demands of this movement had a great impact on the development of tiny house models. In addition to this trend, the problems caused by urban life also increased the proliferation of small house models. The restrictions caused by the pandemic process and the health concerns and the departure of people from the cities further accelerated the development of tiny house models. Mobile tiny homes refer to houses that can be moved even after they are established. After the prefabricated houses are installed, they cannot be moved to another location. The portability of prefabricated houses is due to the fact that some of them are installed in the factory and moved to the desired location. However, it can be moved to another location after mobile tiny homes are established.

Comfortable and Practical Accommodation with Karmod Mobile Tiny Homes

The prefabricated building industry, which is the most suitable sector for the production of these minimal structures, has developed many alternatives. Tiny homes are getting much more attention nowadays. The main reason for this is that it can be placed on many lands in the desired location. It represents an ideal solution for the overwhelmed person who desires to get away from problems such as traffic, noise, and living together in modern city life. Modern people, who cannot stay away from the city life, turn their vacation times and weekends into an important opportunity by choosing mobile tiny homes. By placing the custom built tiny house in an area where it feels comfortable in nature, it can get away from the suffocating and noise of the city whenever it wants. The fact that tiny homes are small does not mean that they are not useful. Space efficiency is designed at the maximum level in prefabricated houses. Custom built tiny houses are designed to meet all kinds of needs. Karmod is Turkey's premier mobile tiny homes & holiday lodge manufacturer. High quality tiny home with competitive price and custom built tiny house.

Tiny House: Eco-Friendly House Model

As Karmod, we have been carrying out prefabricated house projects all over the world for more than 36 years. Mobile tiny homes are designed to be built in almost any location with Karmod quality. We work with our customers at every stage from design to production and we attach importance to working together. Work with us and let's build the future together.

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