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In the 21st century, where technology offers fast and practical solutions in every field, in the service industry, practical, useful and economical solutions have been found in many ways. Mobile hospitals on wheels is one of the practical implements that are preferred in the health sector for years. Mobile hospitals on wheels provide a great number of services in compliance with community needs. These implements are used by many charities and government agencies for different purposes. For example; blood letting, health screenings, operating theater, emergency care units and different clinics are some of those. Mobile hospital on wheels fields of activity; rural areas where there is hard access to health services, where there is no health service, war areas, areas where natural disasters occur. And these are among the areas where mobile hospital on wheels are used the most. They can be truck based and as a container.

In mobile hospital on wheels complexes, operating rooms, x-ray services, inpatient services, maternity services and children's units are the priority service areas. They can be designed for crisis and emergency conditions. Some function of mobile hospital on wheels which are produced and installed in a short time, are comprehensive patient centered care health institution, while others focus on specific clinics, such as gynaecology. They provide convenience in many subjects. As a result there are no construction costs as much as permanent hospitals, mobile hospital on wheels can produce significant cost savings. Since they are not affected by construction times and are manufactured modularly, they are transported to the required area in a short time.

Karmod, which has been serving in many continents and countries for years with its container and prefabricated building productions, is also with you in your mobile solutions like mobile hospital on wheels, mobile clinics, mobile medical containers and so on.