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Two Storey Prefab Housing 206 m²

  • Saloon 24 m²
  • Kitchen 17 m²
  • Bathroom 5 m²
  • Entrance 19 m²
  • Patio 4 m²
  • Garage 34 m²
  • Bedroom 17 m²
  • Bathroom 4 m²
  • Bedroom 17 m²
  • Bathroom 5 m²
  • Bedroom 17 m²
  • Bedroom 10 m²
  • Balcony 17 m²
  • Entrance 14 m²
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Low Innovative Prefab Housing Options

With professional staff, collective experience and latest technologies at hand, we have been providing the best practical accommodation solutions all across the globe. As Karmod Prefab Housing Technologies, we believe that one of the core reasons of our success is the mutual respect we have between us and our customers. We have been attaching great importance to customer satisfaction when it comes to designing and manufacturing our products. From low income housing units to security cabins, our wide variety of accommodation options are thoughtfully designed to provide you the best experience possible. More than that, we also care a lot about the affordability of our products. We believe that maintaining this quality-price factor, we will be able to grow and develop more while making our services more available to everyone.

Habitat for Humanity and Low Income Housing

Get Your Dream House With Karmod Prefabricated Housing Units

When most people hear the phrase "low income housing," they envision buildings designed for low-income individuals. This is because the word "low income housing" has a negative connotation in the minds of most people. However, when it comes to low-income housing projects, they are actually housing options that are high-quality but also affordable. As Karmod, we emphasize on the design and the production process of our low income housing units as we believe that manufacturing these low income housing units using highest-quality materials will help everyone becoming a homeowner. Our low income housing units are durable, portable, customizable, sustainable and affordable. Meaning, they can be quite easily moved from one place to another with ease and without requiring excessive workforce or heavy machines, they can endure harshest weather conditions, they are equipped with necessary materials to endure natural or man-made disasters, they can be fully customized on wish before the delivery, they can be used for a lifetime without a worry as they hardly ever show signs of corruption or rot and still have a considerably lower price tag compared to other low income housing units available on the market today.

Modern Low Income Housing Available For Everyone

As Karmod, we provide low income housing and apartments throughout the world. Karmod, Low-income housing for families, seniors, disabled & formerly homeless ​individuals are the perfect solution to any kind of accommodation problems. Our Low Income Housing and Public Housing units are prepared in a professional factory setting and delivered to you in a short amount of time. For more information about our low income housing units and other practical accommodation solutions, please contact us.

Get your dream Low Income Home in a week

Double story prefab houses are the perfect choice for extended families. Thanks to Karmod double story prefab houses, receive your dream low income housing within weeks. One of those houses 206 m2 Fethiye Model prefab house has a comfortable and useful living space. This house that presenting an indispensable holiday with its terrace has a living room, kitchen, veranda, garage, 3 bathrooms, and 4 bedrooms.

While having a comfortable living space with your extended family and loved ones, have a low income housing that you can use for many years with its quality and solid structure. With its modular structure, your house, which you can receive in weeks, is environmentally friendly and has an affordable price. You can contact us to get an offer and to have your dream low income housing within weeks.

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