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114 m² Prefabricated House

  • Saloon 23,5 m²
  • Bedroom 13,5 m²
  • Kitchen 9 m²
  • Bathroom 4,5 m²
  • Bedroom 12 m²
  • Wc 3 m²
  • Entrance 4,5 m²
  • Hall 6,5 m²
  • Bedroom 8,5 m²
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Karmod Double Storey Houses, Designed for Your Likings

Karmod, the world's leading provider of practical housing solutions for over 36 years, is a firm founded on core principles such as reliability, sustainability, and customer pleasure. That is why, in all we do, we strive to deliver the greatest service and provide goods that meet the expectations of our clients. We have been able to provide cutting-edge housing options that are both unique and cheap thanks to our competent research and development team and professional design team. Aside from that, all of our items are manufactured in competent factories and have through several testing in order to give you with the highest-quality lodging options.

Sustainable Double Storey Houses for Everyone

Create the perfect 2-storey steel house design with Karmod Homes. Offering plenty of room and personal details, our Double-storey house plans and designs are made in a professional factory setting and delivered to you via sea or land transportation system. Karmod has a variety of double storey houses available to everyone. They are also quite simple to maintain and install. During the installation process, Karmod Double Storey Houses generate no trash or create any disruption in the surrounding environment. This is due to the fact that they are constructed before to delivery by our skilled staff. They do not need a large crew or the installation of heavy machinery. Karmod Double Storey Houses are strong, portable, practical, economical, portable, sustainable, and dependable housing solutions that are meant to give the user with the most pleasant lifestyle possible. Because of the snap-on bolt-nut technique used on double storey houses, they can be erected and delivered fast, they can withstand any weather condition while also being able to install and operate on various tough terrain, they can be used for a lifetime with convenience while showing no signs of rot or other unpleasing discoloration caused by old age, they can be maintained and cleaned quite easily due to their practicality, and they still have a significantly lower price compared to other double storey houses available on the market today.

Innovative and Practical Double Story Houses

Karmod Double Storey House Plans and Designs are priced to meet the needs of our consumers. They are ultra-luxurious housing solutions that are competitively priced when compared to other double storey houses and traditionally built homes on the market. Please contact us for more information about our double story houses and other practical housing solutions.

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