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Mobile solutions are the solutions that provide convenience in all areas of life, and provide the required and needed service in the shortest time in the most economical way. Deployable mobil hospitals are one of them too. Deployable mobil hospitals are medical centers with full complement medical equipments that are transportable and settled in needed places acidly. They help to minimise burden of people who are in difficult conditions. In in critical conditions such as war or natural disasters, deployable mobile hospitals can provide health care services to patients or injured people.

There are so many advantages that deployable mobile hospitals have in so many area. Deployable Mobile Hospitals which is one of mobile solutions can allow a local hospital to continue providing medical service during reconditioning. For example, natural disasters are becoming gradually regular accruing all around the world, and the need for medical service on the spot is increasing. On this subject, deployable mobile hospitals also provide convenience with their easy, fast installation and transportation. Rooms of deployable mobile hospitals have all necessary systems and equipment such as medical equipment, internal and external electrical systems, heating, cooling and ventilation systems, generator system, fuel tank, telephone and internet systems, furniture and so on. From this point, deployable mobile hospitals are not different from permanent hospitals. It can even be said that they have many advantages that cannot be ignored. To give an example, deployable mobile hospitals are much more economical because they are not built like permanent hospitals.

Karmod Deployable Mobile Hospitals are prebuilt, tested and proven at Karmod building sites, and then despatched to anywhere in the world. They provide a safe, clean environment where advanced skill medical service can be given in any climate for every periods of time. Karmod Deployable Mobile Hospitals are preferred due to their quality of long lasting construction and their economic price.