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Karmod modular buildings were preferred in Africa's power plants

The world-renowned manufacturer of prefabricated structures, Karmod, produces management and construction camps for power plants in Africa.

Karmod, the company which built the production plant buildings for the 120-megawatt fuel oil power plant in the island of Madagascar in eastern Africa, will also build production plant buildings in Mali, West Africa.

Karmod stands out with its fast-installed structures made in its modern facilities in Istanbul with a welding-free bolt-on system technology. The prefabricated structures are produced in a very short period of time and can be transported to every part of the world by international container transportation. The prefabricated buildings are delivered ready-to-use by our professional assembly team within a few days.

The 4 separate buildings with a total of 1911 meters built by Karmod for the power plant in Madagascar were installed and delivered in just one month. The buildings will be used for at least 20 years by the Aksaf Power Company, which conducts electricity and water operations in the Republic of Madagascar. The buildings will be serving both as a working construction camp in construction phase, and as an operation building when the power plant construction is completed.

The production and installation of 4 two-storey buildings were carried out under the Madagascar power plant project. The four buildings built in the complex of 1911 square meters are as follows: an engineer's dormitory of 464 square meters, a worker’s dormitory of 822 square meters, a local building of 302 square meters and an office of 323 square meters.

Special applications such as exterior coatings, panic bar doors, flush mounted electrical system, data cables, membrane roof with glass wool insulation were carried out in the buildings in order to provide an ergonomic and comfortable use.