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148 m² Prefabricated House

  • Saloon 22,5 m²
  • Bedroom 14,5 m²
  • Kitchen 16,5 m²
  • Bathroom 4,5 m²
  • Bedroom 13,5 m²
  • Bedroom 9 m²
  • Entrance 10 m²
  • Bathroom 3 m²
  • Wc 2,5 m²
  • Balcony 3 m²
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Mass Affordable Housing 

With the development of technology, construction technology has also improved itself. Mass housing projects can now be realized at high quality with prefabricated building technology. As Karmod, we have built many different housing projects, from mass housing projects to luxury villa housing projects. Mass affordable housing is a construction method that helps middle- or low-income people to own a home. The most important advantage of the mass housing project is that people can become homeowners more easily with these projects. In the past, reinforced concrete structures could be preferred more in mass housing projects. But now modular structures are more preferred. Because traditional construction methods have many disadvantages compared to prefabricated structures. They are not economical, their construction period is very long, the theoretical plan and practical compatibility are much less than modular structures. At the same time, houses built with traditional methods are not environmentally friendly and their maintenance costs are very high. Prefab mass housing are residences built in a controlled factory environment in sections, or modules, Custom Mass Housing at an affordable price.

World’s Most Impressive Mass Affordable Housing Projects

All over the world, prefab mass housing projects help the homeless, low- or middle-income people to become homeowners. They are economical, installation times are short, maintenance costs are more economical. With advanced coating technology, their appearance is preserved for a long time as on the first day. Also earthquake, flood, war etc. Prefab mass housing projects are used in mass housing projects built after disasters. Thanks to the production in the factory environment, they can be produced quickly and in the desired number and design. Another advantage is that prefabricated housing estates can be built quickly when compared to traditional methods. As Karmod, we are trying to improve ourselves every day. We follow and develop construction technologies all over the world with our expert engineers and architects. Currently, Karmod products are used in more than 130 countries all over the world.

Low Cost and Long Lasting Mass Housing Projects with Karmod

As Karmod, we design mass housing for every sector from construction to health. Our products include light steel prefabricated mass housing projects, ready-made container houses, container buildings used in different areas and for different purposes. We have realized many projects all around the world. We understand the needs of our customers and we produce solutions that fit your needs. Work with us and let's build the future together.

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